Question by Mommy to Mia:
Will I get a round pregnant belly being overweight?

I am 19 weeks 3 days pregnant. I am desperate for a pregnant belly! I am 5’4” and prepregnancy I was 208lbs. I have only gained 7lbs. I have been in maternity pants since I was 16 weeks. I have what some people call a “double belly” (my stomach splits horizontally in the middle at my belly button). It’s not that big honestly, about an inch or so. I can feel my uterus right below my belly button now and I have started feeling the baby moving. It is a very exciting time!!

But…I can’t help but continue to wonder when I will get a round pregnant belly. When will I pop out? Will the top of my stomach fuse with my lower stomach? When do you think this will happen? People tell me they can’t tell I am pregnant and are shocked when I tell them I am almost 5 months. It is very upsetting for me. I am desperate for a round pregnant belly and have been since I found out we were expecting.

Someone out there has had this problem, I know it! Please let me know how your pregnancy went and then you started to show. I appreciate any kind of story or situation like mine. (Please keep your diabetes/overweight comments to yourself, me and my physician are dealing with my weight, I walk and take care of myself everyday).