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Why do some parents have their infant’s ears pierced, but object to a teen getting a naval piercing?

A few days ago a woman asked a question here about getting her toddler’s ears pierced, and most of the people who answered thought it was perfectly fine. That same day, someone else asked about a 15-year-old wanting to get her naval pierced, and most wrote that they thought she should have to wait until she was 18 to get the piercing, and thought it was “trashy and tacky.” (And earrings on a baby aren’t?) Why is it acceptable to pierce the ears of an infant who cannot even give consent or verbalize to you if she develops an allergic reaction to the earring or finds them to be annoying to wear, but it’s not okay for a teenager to get her belly button pierced? As for me, I got my ears pierced when I was seven and soon realized I was allergic to the metal in the earring, which made me incredibly sympathetic to young babies who cannot even explain how they feel, and my navel pierced (with a different type of ring, obviously) when I was on vacation at 15. I took it out after about a year, but when I had it in it was only ever visible to others when I was at the beach. I wear a uniform to school, and never walked around with my naval exposed in public with the exception of being on the beach, so why is that a bigger deal than a baby with earrings? Both piercings can get infections, but at least a teen could take care of it herself.
Moira A – I am not bitter in the least, and did not mean to come across that way.
One more mention to Moira – it was admirable that you handled so much as a teen. I have been working for quite some time myself, purely because I want to, but never had that level of responsibility put on me. I paid for the naval piercing myself (it was very affordable anyway), and could have paid for any doctor’s bills if they had been needed, but thankfully they were not. My parents were not happy with the naval ring at first, but they did not give me too much grief over it.

I, and many of my friends, got the naval piercings for ourselves. It was sort of empowering for me. I also get henna tattoos (which are temporary) for the same reason – self expression.

I mainly asked the question because I am curious about the double standards in society, not for personal reasons.