Question by <3 he calls me his angel <3:
my daughters blood test is concerning me…any thoughts?

my daughter is three and a half mths old and she just went thru a spell for about two weeks where she wasnt interested in nursing at all and she wanted to sleep all day and i would have to wake her up to force her to eat. she is exclusively breastfed, she barely even has a bottle, and my milk supply is fantastic. my milk is very rich and filling and i know that becuz i also give it to my toddler, and it satisfies his hunger and hes healthy and growing. but shes a different story, at her two mth checkup she weighed 10lbs7oz, when i took her in at three mths she wieghed 10lbs6oz, her dr ordered a blood test and it showed low hemoglobin, so i googled it and some scary results came back such a lupus and porphyria. her dr told me to wake her up every two hrs to nurse her and bring her back in for a weight check in four days, so i have and im taking her in tuesday, but in the meantime id like to hear if anyone else has had this experience with a newborn? could it be easy anemia or something more serious? thanks.