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Question by Niki J:
Conjunctivitis in a newborn ?? HELP PLZ!!?

had my first prenatal visit they checked me for all stds my test all come back negative … I had my baby 2 weeks ago and she has developed an eye infection the physician called conjunctivitis …. She stated it could have come from me having chlamydia or gonorrhea but I was also tested at the end of my preg. stds at like 8 mon and the test come back neg too….. I really dont know what to think and I have read that the only ways the 2 stds she told me about can only be passed through a vaginal birth and I had a c section Has anyone else went through this I am really concerned for my newborn ANY advice will be GREATLY appreciated !!!
They did give me eye drops and also done a culture on her eye …. I just didnt believe that was what was wrong with her did your son develope it soon after he was born?
THANKS ALOT !! I have really been stressing about this and really worried and did not know what to do except wait for 5 days until the culture came back but that REALLY helped ease my mind…. Thanks so much !!


Answer by ♥Alex adores his Binks.♥
I hate to state this but your physician is so wrong! There are more way of getting it not just though those two STDs. My son had conjunctivitis when he was a newborn. All it is, is pink eye. Your baby could have gotten it from anywhere. Its so contagious. Did they give you medication to treat it? Make sure after handling your baby that you wash your hands. Our physician stated that chances are my son got it from the hospital or from the stores that we went to with him.

ETA: The most common way to get it is tthough the eye drops that put in your babies eyes right after birth. Many babies has a reaction to them.

ETA2: Yes it was a few weeks after he was born. They did not give him eye drops they gave him a gel. Its the same thing that they put on your baby when he is born. That gel thats on their eyes. It went away in a few weeks. There are other reasons then just the STDs and those are the least common reasons. It could have been caused by dust or anything really.

ETA3 I am glad that I could help. Let me know if you want to how everything goes.

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WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE STROLLER, CAR SEAT, OR TRAVEL SYSTEM AND WHY? Wed, 15 Dec 2010 06:46:00 +0000 admin Question by cole2585:
What is your favorite stroller, automobile seat, or travel system and why?

I am a first-time mother (due Sept 10, 2010) but I have been a full-time nanny for 6 years, so I have an idea of what I want/do not want in a stroller/car seat. Ideally, I would like a travel system so that I can place the automobile seat in the stroller for convenience when my baby is sleeping but they can also be very bulky and heavy for me at 5’2″ and 110lbs. Some of the other features I was looking for in a stroller are:

* A seat that fully reclines
* A footrest on the stroller that can be secured so that the stroller can make a bassinet (not one of my priorities, but a nice feature)
* A tray for the child (it doesn’t matter to me if there is a cup holder for my son or not because once he can use it the cup will end up on the ground anyway, that is what toddlers do)
* At least one parent cup holder and a storage compartment of some kind near the handle
* A massive basket that can be accessed without disturbing a sleeping baby in the fully reclined position
* Straps that are simple to adjust and also simple to open/close with a squirming child either inside or in your arms
* Something that can fold up and fit into the trunk of my mid-size automobile with room to spare for other essentials or groceries
* Of coarse safety and durability so I can continue to use the stroller until my son is a toddler

In a automobile seat:

* Straps that are simple to adjust and also simple to open/close with a squirming child either inside or in your arms, especially in harsh weather since the winters here can get bad- I do not want to be fumbling with straps when I am hanging half outside of my automobile in a snow storm with my infant
* Comfortable fabric that is soft enough for a newborn but breathable enough not to make him sweaty and uncomfortable in the hot sticky weather – I also do not want anything that will get hot in the sun while it is sitting in my car
* Safety
* Simple to install correctly and know that it is secured properly

I have been in and out of stores devoting hours, sometimes whole days, to trying to find the right combination. I have read reviews on each website I could find and they all contradict each other. The only consistent review I have seen is that the stroller frames (with no seat, the ones you snap your automobile seat into) are poorly built and the wheels fall off. Other than that, people are often arguing about who’s child is larger and why my child is 8 months and still fits in this automobile seat and her child is 7 months and cannot anymore or whether you should use your stroller/car seat in such and such way. My favorite reviews are the ones that state they have never actually used the product because the baby is not here yet, but it’s so beautiful! That is not helpful.

So, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the topic with their views on the features of products they have actually used. Thank you for your time!


Answer by Annie
After months of research I found a carseat and a stroller. I havn’t tried anything else so I do not really have much to compare them too.

The carseat I selected was the britax chaperone. It’s a bit difficult to take in and out, with a 2 door automobile at least. Rebound bar on base… It’s very safe

The stroller is the city mini stroller by baby jogger. My 2 year old nephew sleeps in it as comfortably as my 1 month old. It fully reclines, the part the baby lays on is soft but durable, the straps are simple enough. Comes with a large basket underneath. It’s 3 wheels, the front swivels or locks in place. SO simple to maneuver, can use one hand to push and steer! It’s under 17 pounds and all you have to do to fold it is pull a latch and it just collapses. Then you sort of throw it out and it’s set up!

The only downside to this stroller is you have to purchase the carseat adapter, child tray, parents drink holder separetely, I would not get the adapter, it’s simple enough for a baby of any size to sleep comfortably.

When it comes to the carseat, I am not too sure if that is the ideal pick, but I would not dream of getting a different stroller now

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7 WEEK OLD INFANT GOING THRU GROWTH SPURT? Wed, 15 Dec 2010 00:32:29 +0000 admin Question by luvmynwf:
7 week old infant going thru growth spurt?

I’ve read that at 6 weeks newborns tend to go thru a growth spurt. Well, my 7 week old is going thru something and I am wondering if it could be a growth spurt (or maybe not?). He has not had any of his naps during the day (maybe slept 15 mins here and there) , he seems hungry and cannot wait 3 hours to eat, crying and fussing so I feed him but then he only takes an ounce or so? Our schedule (such as it was) is absolutely gone and I have no idea anymore when he should feed next? He is not himself, really fussy and nothing consols him. We have tried burping him, changing positions and scenery. He is not usually like this. So, I know that 6 weeks usually marks a growth spurt but he is 7 weeks old (he was full term but only 5lbs 8oz at birth so I have always assumed he is a tiny behind).

Does this sound like a growth spurt? We will be going for a check up with our physician in 3 days so I will ask her too but I am interested in what other parents think?


Answer by Samantha
Not all babies are the same, and they dont all go through growing spurts at the same time so It could very well be a growth spurt at 7 weeks old. Also- if your baby isnt following a schedule anymore, its normal. It’s very hard to get a baby on a schedule that young, it’s more like YOU go on their schedule.
Have you taken his temp.?? Take his temp, if he has one, call the pediatrician.
Sometime babies just cry. My son is a good baby and there was a time for a few days he just went nuts and cried and cried for no reason. He would only calm down when we ran the blow drier over him. Try weird stuff like this!!! A lot of times it works!!! Run a hair drier over them, turn on the vacuum…things like that.

Hope I helped!

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MY BABY HAS NAPPY RASH? Wed, 15 Dec 2010 00:32:27 +0000 admin Question by Sandra-Daniella is 1 years old:
my baby has nappy rash?

My 11 week old has nappy rash :( and it is making it really hard to settle her at night. She sleeps 8+ hours at night, so she goes a while without having her nappy changed, could this be why she got it? I feel so bad she is in a lot of pain, I put nappy rash cream on her each time I change her. How long will it take to pass? How many nappy free time should I be giving her? Thanks I feel so horrible :(


Answer by ♥Expecting baby #1 3/30/10♥
Apply a diaper cream with Zinc Oxide in it, also you could try changing her diaper just once a night so she is not sitting in a dirty diaper for so long. It could take a tiny while to go away.

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MY BABY WAS POSITIVE FOR BABY COOMBS (JAUNDICE) AFTER BORN, CAN THE LEVELS INCREASE AFTER HAVING DECREASED? Wed, 15 Dec 2010 00:24:25 +0000 admin Question by ☯ Keeper of the Universe ♱:
My baby was positive for baby coombs (jaundice) after born, can the levels increase after having decreased?

I was not sure if there might be the possibility that the levels of antibodies that they test could increase after decreasing on their own. I want to know and be positive that the doctor’s choice is the right one. Because the levels decreased so much, they determined that the baby doesn’t need additional monitoring/treatment. I wanted to feel more reassured that there is not the possibility that the jaundice can increase in the baby’s blood.


Answer by tenaciousd
The bilirubin levels tend to increase during the first 4 days and peak around day 4 or 5 after birth, then come down. It is considered harmless so long as the bilirubin level is under 10 and potentially harmful if over 14 for a prolonged period of time. If it has started coming down, it is extremely unlikely it would begin going back up. If it is past day five and the level is already below 10 and has been decreasing, I would not worry about it anymore. You can always monitor your baby by checking the whites of his eyes and his skin color. If the eyes become yellow or the baby looses his appetite and becomes very lethargic, ask the physician to check it again. Breastfeeding ensures frequent poops which will help the baby clear the excess bilirubin from his system and sunlight helps his liver function. If you do those two things it will continue to go down swiftly on its own.

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If your child kept acting hungry at what point would you stop feeding them?

My son is 15 months and I think he is going through a mega growth spurt that has been off and on for the past month. Plus we have been more active since it’s summer.

But his appetite and thirst has not been like this since he was a newborn. He eats and drinks and then still wants more and I feel bad for not feeding him more but I do not know what the cut off is or should be.

I do not really know what to do… Feed him as much as he wants or cut it off after it seems to become absurd.

Here is an example… This morning I feed him one egg yolk and a piece of toast with no crust. As I am eating mine he keeps asking (more like demanding) I feed him some of mine. So he has about another yolk and some toast. (we eat our eggs english style where we dip it in yolk and do not eat the white because we are sensitive to the white).

And then it’s all gone but yet he is demanding more. So he has about 10 blueberries. But then that is gone and as he is playing he finds a fortune cookie his dad dropped under the couch (it is the individually packaged ones). And he brought it to me to open and I felt bad that he found it and wanted it so I let him have it. But then it was gone and he wanted more… That is where I just stopped and he did not get anything more.

But then he brings his sippy to me which was full of about 6oz of water and it’s empty and he wants more water. So I fill it and he drinks it down.

He’s been waking up early and he is been hungry right when he wakes which is not usually the case. At all other meals he is not been picky and a fussy eater like usual and always wants more.

And I have been hearing his tummy growl and he starts acting hungry when he just ate an hour earlier…

He’s a huge guy for his age… I do not know the exact current weight and height but about 29lbs and somewhere around 34-35 inches and he is 15 months. And he is very active and high energy. And I have been noticing him growing, the rise on his pants are tight so he is grown in length, and his shoes I just got no longer fit him… So I am certain it’s a growth spurt. But does this mean I should feed him as much as he wants?

But what would you do? Would you keep feeding your child until they were full or would you limit their intake even though they still seemed really hungry?
Also, he is not diabetic (already been tested) and he is healthy and everything has been normal, he is been sleeping more than usual but I attribute it to being really active and in the heat during summer. And stools are normal, everything seems normal other than the increased hunger.
His Dr always tells me to do set portions and rememeber his tummy is about the size of his fist, so I am just worried I will over do it.

But he eats very healthy. He definetly has more than the suggested servings for fruit and veggies.

I also feel like if he is hungry then feed him, but then it seems like he just will not stop eating. I always let him top off with some kind of fruit if he is still hungry after a meal.

And we do cheese and peanut butter on toast or steamed veggies as snack.

But I think I am going to inscrease his portion size.
Becca, he doesn’t really do whole milk because he nurses. But we do whole milk yogurt which he loves… It seems to constipate him so I try not to give a lot of whole milk product.


Answer by Dread Head momma
feed him!

keep carrots and celery and apples (kids love apples) and stuff like that and let him eat… his body clearly needs it

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GOING OUT TO STORES AND RESTAURANTS WITH A NEWBORN? Tue, 14 Dec 2010 22:59:37 +0000 admin Question by Becka E:
Going out to stores and restaurants with a newborn?

Did you go to stores and restaurants with your newborn or baby? How did you go about it? Did you use a stroller, sling or carrier/baby bjorn? When baby cried/got hungry, did you breast feed or bottle feed? When going to a restaurant did you just bring the carseat? Where did you put the carseat? Did it fit into a booth? (I have graco safe seat). Just looking for a few tips and tricks when we do decide to step out. Thanks so much!


Answer by GranolaMom
I took my boys everywhere with us when they were newborns. I used a sling or wrap, and nursed them wherever we happened to be.

The carseat stayed in the car, so no worries about where to put it.

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HOW OFTEN DOES A INFANT HAVE TO SLEEP? Tue, 14 Dec 2010 22:56:32 +0000 admin Question by Khatera:
How often does a infant have to sleep?

PLEASE give me the exact details people! i wanna know how long they have to sleep and when to wake up..if ya wanna know the routine i give milk to it ..then its when ur suppost to..i do all that rite! i just want to no how much hours its suppost to sleep…give the details like it sleeps for 2 hours then wakes up then give it milk play with it then sleep again for 2 hours ..or is it 3 hours..or how much?


Answer by em mae
It all depends on how the baby’s original routine is, the baby could nap anywhere from 30minutes to couple hours…


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HOW OLD IS MY BABY RAT? AND AM I TAKING THE PROPER CARE FOR IT? Tue, 14 Dec 2010 22:43:49 +0000 admin Question by lala:
how old is my baby rat? and am i taking the proper care for it?

she was a pinky when i got her, she was supposed to be food… i fealt bad so i am caring for her, she is being fed each 3 hours during the day and once in the middle of the night. i am feeding her kmr kitten milk replacement and im diluting the powder more then recomended for kittens so that the milk is easier to swallow for the baby. she is in a closable plastic container with a couple fleece blankets in it (there are holes poked on the top for ventilation). the container is ontop of a heating pad set on meadium heat, only half the container is on the heating pad so she can crawl away from the heat if she is uncomfortable though she generally stays on the half with heat. she has very small teeath that i can see in her mouth and her eyes are still shut you can still see her pink skin but she is growing a coat and her pattern is noticeable she is about 1 1/2 inches long including her tail. i know this is a lot to read but any help would be very much appriciated. btw i am stimulating her to go to the lavatory but gentlly massaging her anus and genitals with a warm damp q tip after each feeding. (i got her yesterday she is still lively and eating well, she poops several times a day and pees often) does she have much of a chance?


Answer by Erica R
You’ve got yourself a very young rat…I’d state its a couple weeks maybe. I found a baby rat last October so I called my vets office and they told me to feed it Esbilac, which is a puppy milk. I was once told that cat food is not good for mice or rats that they can develope a type of reaction (sorry cannot remember what she called it). Nonetheless the puppy milk worked for mine and she now a huge rat named Tudy! Make sure the milk is a wee bit warm but keep the milk refridgerated! I would use an oral syringe and run it under warm water for a minute…but not too hot! Keep in mind you can freeze some of the milk to keep it fresh. That is great that your stimulating it and that it is going to the bathroom…good sign! Babies need lots of sleep and food. Each three hours is good but being it’s so young it could not injured to feed it twice in the night, unless you get up very early and of course first thing. Sounds to me like the inclosure is set up pretty well…once it grows fur you can take away the heat and it can keep itself warm at that point.

Keep it up and good luck!! :)

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If you had lead poisoning as a infant (at 3 months of age) could it lead to intermittent anemia and back pain?

What are the long term effects of lead poisoning?
Graham if it leaves out of your system at a rapid pace then why at the age of three did they have to take all the metals out of my blood and replace all the metals like iron back in. And at age 5 why did my lead levels go up for no reason.

I tend to have intermittent anemia and back pain so I am curious if it was caused by lead deposits.


Answer by circa 1980
Ooh…I’m curious to see what people will say. I have to take my 9 month old for lead testing as a precaution since our home is old.

To Graham below: I read that lead stays in babies and kids 50% more than with adults….so I think she has a good question here.

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