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Question by Mysterious_Chick:
I do not know how to help her?

My sister moved home a couple of months before she gave birth to her baby boy. He is 7 weeks old now and obviously is still sleeping in my sisters room in his cot. My sister has told me that for weeks now when she puts the baby down to sleep he will stay awake and look up like he can see something looking down at him. His eyes follows this invisible thing around the room and my sister is getting uneasy now as it’s like he is in a trance and when she tries to get his attention it’s like he cannot see her at all. It’s only when his eyes finally stop following this thing that he then looks at his mum as if nothing has happened. She stated that he also plays with this thing and laughs and smiles at it ( he has only just started to smile and laugh, he is a early developer i think!) My sister has called me for the pass couple of days sounding increasingly worried about this. I think she has been telling me this because she knows i have an interest in the paranormal but i am not a professional or anything, it just interests me. I have not told my sister this but i actually hate the atmosphere in her bedroom and basically the whole of the upstairs but particularly the bedroom and have done ever since i first saw the house. At first my sister just thought that is was our granny (who died just after i was born) visiting her and her baby but the thing is no one in our family has ever felt the presence of her after she died so i was sceptical about that idea. Now though she is getting worried for her baby’s safety and asked me if i thought she should get someone to check her home for ghosts and i stated that i think a lot of those people just make it up so it’s not worth the money, I do not know what to recommend her to do. She is not religious, she has never provoked any spirits like played a ouija board so i really do not know what it could be. I told her to look in her baby book to see if this behaviour is something else but she stated she already looked and found nothing related to it. What should she do? My email is if anyone has any looong comments on this. thanks :)


Answer by orchidmg
baby’s eye wonder, that normal.

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WHAT IS YOUR TAKE ON PREVENTING SIDS??? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:47:34 +0000 admin Question by Cindy; mum to 3 monkeys!:
What is your take on preventing SIDS???

Our australian guidelines for preventing SIDS seems to differ quite a bit from other countries. What were you told about SIDS when you had your babies or what do you think you can do to prevent SIDS?

I was told a lot about the sleeping safety like,
No cot bumpers, quilts, pillows or toys in the cot
No netting around cot
Always place baby on their back (use a sleep positioner if you want to)
Place them with their feet at the end of the cot with the excess blanket tucked under the mattress (never in the middle unless they are older and wriggle around)
No loose bedding, tuck everything securely or put baby in a grow bag for warmth
Avoid cigarette smoke
Dummies can help to prevent sids

I always seem to see docmentarys and photos of people in america and other countries with their cots full of fancy frills, bumpers and toys when we are told never to use any of those things until at least age 1 when SIDS deaths seem to lower dramatically.

What do you think?


Answer by Sarah
You were told the same things I was. I am from Wyoming (US). I do not think most people have all that stuff in their cribs, honestly. Or the ones that do, I hope often remove all that extra stuff when baby is actually sleeping in the crib. The only thing I have heard differently is that the risk of SIDS is still there until age 2. Hope this helps~

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HOW DO I STOP MY 6 MONTH OLD FROM ROLLING OVER ON TO HER TUMMY IN HER COT? Wed, 03 Nov 2010 06:37:22 +0000 admin Question by leanne:
How do I stop my 6 month old from rolling over on to her tummy in her cot?

Baby has slept through the night since 2 months old (lucky me) but ever since she has been in her cot she rolls onto her tummy and then wakes up during the night 2-3 times and only goes back to sleep if I give her a feed and has gone from having a couple of good day sleeps to pretty short ones. Ive got a safetsleep but that doesnt seem to make any difference. Ive even tried safety pinning her clothes to the safetsleep but she still rolls over and then gets all tangled. Any help would be great.
First of all thankyou so far to those of you have offered your help and opinions. Can I just state though No1. I had safety pins in my cloth nappies for the first couple of years of my life and no disaster happened to me that I can recall. No2. On the safetsleep website they actually advocate for wiggly babies that you can try safety pinning them. No3. To “Hannahs Mommy” why do you use such a condesending phrase as “I can’t believe what I just read”?. Was there any need for that at all. Are you the most perfect mom in the world and if you are congratulations. I am not an idiot and would never do anything that could harm my most precious baby. I was asking for advice, not for someone to respond in such a nasty way. Have a great day.


Answer by Noah’s Mommy.
First of all, do not use safety pins in your baby’s clothing. They could come open and cause serious pain for your tiny one. Secondly, once a baby starts rolling over there really is not anything you can do to prevent it. She might be going through a growth spurt, thus the need to feed in during the night.

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PARENTS WHO CO-SLEEP/SLEPT WITH OLDER BABIES…? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:53:14 +0000 admin Question by Bee ~Brit Mum~:
Parents who co-sleep/slept with older babies…?

My son (10 months) goes to bed in his cot, but he wakes up in the middle of the night and I bring him in with me. We used to co-sleep completely, then he wanted his own space, and now for the last few months it’s been like this, which is fine by me! Just wondering for those of you who’ve done this with older crawling babies – when you get up in the night for the lavatory or a drink, do you leave the baby in the bed or transfer him/her to the cot while you are gone? It’s just me, and on one side of the bed is his cot bed pressed up against the side which acts as a bed rail (it’s extremely heavy and cannot be moved easily, so no gap to fall down into) and then I block off the other side. I am just always worried that when I wake, as I often do, if I leave him he will roll off as he is a faily fidgety sleeper. I know rolling off the bed will not kill him, he is done it before, but I’d like it if he did not and I am sure he would too lol! Also, do you have any good ways of preventing the baby from crawling off the end of the bed? I often wake in the morning to find him crawling down to the foot of the bed, it must be an instinct or something that I wake when he does it lol but I am sure one of these days I will not wake and he will crawl off the end! And I can hardly put bed rails all the way around my bed! I have put a safety gate on my door as he can open doors now and I am worried he will somehow get off the end without crying and go and let himself out and down the stairs lol, so that is not a worry any more, but once again I still want to prevent him falling off the bed if I can! Any advice?!
*I meant it’s just me in the bed, as in no partner, if that bit was not clear by the way!
fairly fidgety sleeper*

sorry I cannot type this day lol!
Belinda – I will let my son co-sleep until he is ready to stop. Even if that is in a few years time! As I said, it’s fine with me, and I am a single mom so it is not like I have a sex life to ruin! If you do not have an answer for my question then please do not answer!


Answer by Belinda G
BAD IDEA … my Georgie is 3 , still co sleeping , tho comes in at 2 am!!!

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HOW CAN I GET MY HUSBAND TO TAKE OUR DAUGHTERS SAFETY SERIOUSLY? HELP PLEASE!? Tue, 14 Sep 2010 06:38:15 +0000 admin Question by Hayley:
How can I get my husband to take our daughters safety seriously? Help please!?

Hi, we have an nearly 8 month old daughter and my husband is brilliant with her, he really dotes on her and when he is not at work he is playing with her, feeding her, changing her or putting her to bed.

The only problem is he seems to think it’s ok to leave her unattended on her changing table, the couch or our bed…she cannot crawl yet but she adores rolling around to get about and I am so sacred of her falling. I would not even leave a newborn who cannot move yet on a raised surface, let alone an active 8 month old!

He was changing her the other night and he came into the living room to ask me a question, I asked him where the baby was and he told me she was on the changing table. I became really upset and went running into her nursery to make sure she was ok and to move her off the table while he was not in the room. I told him it was really stupid to leave the baby on a raised surface like that, even for half a second. He concurred not to do it again even though he seemed more amused by my distress than concerned…he thinks I am over protective…

Then last night he did exactly the same thing, I went ballistic at him shouting and saying “do you not understand? If she falls she could be brain damaged, go blind or even die!” He promised not to do it again,although in the next breath he was trying to tell me that the edge of her changing mat (you know that small padded bit…about an inch high) would protect her from any falls.

I’m really concerned that he will do it again, and, short of not leaving him alone with our daughter, I do not know how to get the seriousness of this through his thick skull! :o / It annoys me because he is usually so much more safety conscious than me; “Don’t let her pull her blanket over her head…she’ll suffocate!” (It’s a cellular blanket) or “Don’t reheat that! It’s meat if she eats it she will get food poisoning!” and “Don’t wrap her up too much! It can cause cot death you know!”

Grrrr! Sorry this is so long but I am at my wits end, he is an intelligent man and I need him to appreciate the seriousness of this. Please, if you have any ideas I’d love to know. Thanks! :)
Lmao! Thanks for the recommendation Ricky but somehow I do not think that will work on my fella…he can hold out longer than any man I have ever known…lol
I tried sitting him down calmly and explaining what an awesome Father he is BUT he needs to think before leaving her on a raised surface after the first time it happened…I just blew up the second time because I could not believe that he would disregard what I’d stated after we spoke about it for so long. Thanks for all these great answers…they’ve given me some good ideas. :)


Answer by Jack
take a chill pill, it’ll be fine

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COT STYLE AND SLEEPING BABY (PLZ ANSWER, QUESTION INSIDE)? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 06:36:42 +0000 admin Question by Jenny D:
cot style and sleeping baby (Plz answer, question inside)?

Dicuss the sleeping position for infants and the health and safety considerations.
I recently just have a baby. plz answer.


Answer by garrett’s mommy <3
ALWAYS on their back until they can roll over on their own, do not over cover them cause they can get tooo hot or suffocate, no stuffed animals in their sleeping area. My son sleeps in a pack n play from the time we brought him home, it seems to give him more space to sleep and stretch he adores to sprawl!! I am trying to get him to sleep in his crib now :(

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