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Question by amosunknown:
Looking for a COMPLETE list of all recalled infant toys, I can only find tiny lists here and there.?

Is there some place on line where all of them have been listed from the onset of this hype until now?

All my sons toys are freak’n made in China… I think iam going to have to take them all away.

How do we know that the ones that havent been listed are safe? Maybe they just havent been tested or listed YET.

Beyond that, what toy companies actually make infant toys in the US? Are there really any? I havent found any…

Stupid freaking chinese. Hacking our defense personal and poisoning our children, theyre probably trying to weaken us for an invasion.. jeez.


Answer by cj
Yes. i do not blame u! Sometimes they use lead paint! So when u r buying a toy check the back of it or bottem of it or somewhere else to see if it states in very small letters that is it is made in china!

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HOW WAS YOUR MOTHER’S DAY? Fri, 12 Nov 2010 21:36:06 +0000 admin Question by delina_m:
How was your Mom’s day?

Mine could have been ripped of a reality show:

On Saturday I slept in, that was good, then shortly after I got up a call came in, one of our tenants had a lavatory leak and Jason (husband) had to go take care of that. The lavatory “leak” turned out to be a serious problem that required a lot of work. Jay came back at 10:30 pm that night and had to go back yesterday. I selected to do nothing that day so I just vegged around watching movies and playing with the children while the home fell apart on me (after a week and a half vacation there was a lot that needed cleaning but I didn’t feel like doing it alone)

On Sunday I didn’t even remember it was mom’s day until shortly before noon when we called a friend for an entirely different thing and she said: “happy mother’s day”. While we were distracted with this phone call baby Mitchell (whom I now call Chucky, if you’ve seen those movies you know what I mean) brought a chair next to the kitchen counter, got a hold of the pancake mix and spread it all over the counter and the floor! Jason picked up that and left to fix that bathroom.

I was still postponing the cleaning but I knew I had to do it that day and I wanted to do it before Jason came back home at the time he stated he would 4:00pm so we could go out for dinner. Then Milena grabbed a hold of some baby food I still had there and wanted some, when Chucky saw that he wanted one too. He’s usually very good at sitting down and eating by himself but not yesterday, he got all the fruit spread on himself, his table AND the floor!!!!

After that I had to go clean so I went, gave him a shower, put him in his crib and started cleaning the whole house. I did both bathrooms, the kitchen, dinning room and living room which looked like a warzone all full of toys each pillow, seat and back of both sofas on the floor (Milena likes to build stuff with them) and uncountable loads of laundry.

At 7:00pm Jay calls saying he’s on his way. I just hung up the phone on him.

I forgot to add that Mitch also helped me unpack from the trip to Mexico. He got into the open suitcase I had left in my bedroom and spread each single thing that was in it all over my bedroom.

It took me until 8:30PM to finish all these disturbed by Mitch and Milena doing all kinds of things. Mitch turned off the washer and dryer numerous times because he adores to press buttons. On top of that he discovered how to get out of his crib so now there’s no safe place where I can give him a time out or put him while I have to do something .

He also adores to get his hands in the toilet and splash water all over the place in sum I can’t keep my eyes off him for even one minute!!!

Husband shows up at 8:30PM and finds us blissfully having scrambled eggs dinner in the kitchen. At that point I left the children with him, took a shower and went to bed.

But I tell you what, next time Jason tells me he couldn’t do something because he had the kids.. His head will roll!!!!!!

At least the home is clean
Son Mitchell is 2 years old and Daughter Milena is 4


Answer by ProudMom_of_2_gorgeous_boys
You just got back from mexico? Have they tested you for the swine?

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IS CLEAR LACQUER COATING ON BAY TOYS SAFE FOR BABIES? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:50:08 +0000 admin Question by mouhome:
Is clear lacquer coating on bay toys safe for babies?


Answer by angell_1937
Not if it peels off when they chew or sucks on it.

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ARE DOG SQUEAKY TOYS SAFE FOR BABIES? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:48:44 +0000 admin Question by Gus W:
Are dog squeaky toys safe for babies?

Is this dog squeaky toy safe for my baby to play with? It’s a stuffed animal with a squeaker in the middle and the nose. Link below:

Thanks doll
For those condemning my choice of baby toys…

Look at it! It’s precious <3!
It's soft, huggable, lovely, warm, and never been played with.

I just want to know if it would be harmful to my child!


Answer by matt h
no its too fluffy

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What websites can I find US/Western Europe made for my baby?Want HEALTHY SAFE toys.No China made toys please!?

I have a new baby girl.

I need to know where I can purchase healthy, safe toys for her. I want toys made in either the US/Canada or Western Europe, where standards of manufacturing can be trusted.

Can anyone tell me some websites where such toys can be found? When I search and read the “fine print” I find that most are made in China and I just do not have time mental, emotional energy to waste of worrying that a toy to make her happy can also either cause severe health problems or even kill her.

It’s hard enough raising children, let alone thinking that when you are doing something to help them, you are actually hurting them.

Again, please only US/Canada or Western European made toys.

And shame on manufacturers for outsourcing to countries without strong protocols just to make more money for their shareholders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And their CEOs!!!!!!!!

Help please!


Answer by doglover
You COULD try dolls, I know barbie’s are American, but they have lots of things to choke on. Just look on google: American Made Dolls. That should help. I will try to get a link and edit this!

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How do you clean your babies plastic toys? Is it safe to wipe toys with clorox disinfecting wipes?

or using deluted bleach? I feel like just soap and water doesn’t get them clean enough because it doesn’t disinfect. What ways do you clean your babies toys?


Answer by Judge Judy
1/3 cup bleach quart of water ..spray it down let dry

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BABY SAFE TOYS MADE WITHOUT POLYVINYL CHLORIDE ( PVC )? Tue, 19 Oct 2010 17:35:22 +0000 admin Question by Bird lady:
Baby Safe Toys Made Without Polyvinyl Chloride ( PVC )?

I am looking for plastic or latex/rubber baby toys that are made without polyvinyl chloride.I have done some research and have found that you have to be really careful what you buy.I am going to a baby shower and I want to make sure I get a safe product for the new tiny one. Any moms have any suggestions? Also does anyone have a good web site I could check out listing safe products? Thanks to all for your help!

P.S. I have been told that polyvinyl chloride has been removed from most baby products but I have found a few toys that still contained this chemical, so I just want to be sure.


Answer by JulyMommy
how about a toy from HABA?Although not plastic, VERY well made and safe!!

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INFANTS: WHAT ARE SAFE NON ASIAN LEAD TOYS THAT YOU CAN MAKE AT HOME? Thu, 07 Oct 2010 15:37:08 +0000 admin Question by blissfulverve:
Infants: What are SAFE non asian lead toys that you can make at home?

With all the recalls I want a safe wholesome toys for my child and soon to be born girl. My oldest is 7 months and a girl.


Answer by Ally

It has 10 toys that are good for babies.

Congrats though!

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What are the toxic-free brands of baby toys? Are brands such as Safety First and The First Years safe?

Are these brands free of pthalates? My baby is 7 months old and she needs some toys to stimulate her. Any suggestions. Safe toys, of course.


Answer by dcsavak
No, most of the toys you will find at regular commercial toy stores do contain pthalates. The FDA and other regulatory agencies do now acknowledge any dangers in pthalates, parabens, dioxins, SLS, sodium polyacrylate, etc., so the manufacturers do not see a need to change to more costly materials. If you want non-toxic toys, shop at natural baby stores. Some good on the web stores are:

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IS IT SAFE TO USE SUPER GLUE ON INFANT TOY? Mon, 13 Sep 2010 11:40:23 +0000 admin Question by Gabe’sMom:
Is it safe to use super glue on infant toy?

i just recieved a new musical toy for my 8 month old in the mail, it has a small piece that is broken off on top that i know i can fix with super glue, but i need to know if its safe..i know my mother used it on my toys way back, but..i do not know about if its toxic or not?..he is a teething and chews on everything!


Answer by sally c
i would state no, because as you already state at that age they put everything in their mouth, send the toy back and ask for a replacement

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