Baby Care Advice » How to Baby Proof a Fireplace Wed, 15 Dec 2010 19:21:34 +0000 en hourly 1 DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO FIND A NICE LOOKING, AESTHETICALLY PLEASING, CHILD SAFETY FIRE GUARD? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:50:07 +0000 admin

Question by Mr Rossi:
Does anyone know where to find a nice looking, aesthetically pleasing, child safety fire guard?

We have a really nice open cast iron fireplace but our tiny one is just starting to crawl and will soon be walking too, so we need to stop her crawling into the fire… there are loads of baby/child fire guards on sale in the UK but MAN are they all ugly! They are just cages – it makes your home look like a prison. The ideal one we have seen is from Mothercare that has a curve to it, but the actual bars are still cage-like.

Whereas with the normal (non child safety) fire guards / spark cages, there are hundreds of really attractive looking ones, with nice meshes, wiggly-bars, stained glass screens etc. But these do not attach to the wall – the baby would just pull them over on top of her…

Are there any baby safe fire guards out there that look like normal ‘pretty’ fire guards?




Answer by NC Princess is havin a princess‚ô•

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HOW HAVE YOU BABY-PROOFED YOUR HOME? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:54:12 +0000 admin Question by Shannon L – Gavin’s Mommy:
How have you baby-proofed your home?

My son is 5 1/2 months old and we can tell he is just days away from crawling. He is made a large advancement in his rolling in the past few days and is now doing an army crawl, but moving backwards. So my husband and I know that we have got to baby proof the home now. We know to get all the cabinets locked as well as covering all the unused wall outlets.

But my question is we have a Television console that is open, no doors. So all our gaming consoles, DVD player, DVR, etc are all exposed as well as all the cables in the back. My husband is in IT so he is meticulous about keeping the cables organized and they are all neatly zip-tied together, but I worry about my son getting back there. I keep a close eye on him, but you always hear the stories that begin, “I just turned around for a second…” So how would you go about making the Television console baby proof? Would you advocate just getting a new console that would close? I am not sure we have the money to do that right away, but it’s something we could save for. My son’s safety comes first.

Also, we have a fireplace with a brick hearth. Has anyone used the fireplace safety pads that you can purchase at Babies R Us? Are they worth it or is there a superior product out there? Here is the pads I am speaking about:
Just wanted to add that we keep our decor pretty simple, so no knick knacks and such.

Thanks for the tip on using the gate in front of the tv console. I think we might try that. I do not think we are going to go overboard baby proofing, I think a lot of it has to do with common sense, like shutting the door like many of you have mentioned.
Michelle – I know exactly how you feel. It’s a tiny overwhelming!


Answer by Leahs mommy
Get one of those long gates and put it across the TV. Looks kinda tacky but it’ll keep him out. We just put one up since my daughter rolls to the Television stand too.

EDIT: I just looked back over the question and a long gate might work for the fireplace. My friend had a marble fireplace and that is exactly what she did. I hope this helps.

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BABY SAFETY WITH FIREPLACES BENCHES? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 08:35:25 +0000 admin Question by Tristin’s Mommy:
baby safety with fireplaces benches?

we have a fireplace in our livingroom with a cement bench.
Is there anything i can put on it or something to pad it so that a baby wont injured themselves on it?
its not a removable thing it cemented to the fireplace.


Answer by SexyArmyWife
i would remove the bench. i could nearly guarentee the baby will fall and hit its head or face on it. all babys need ‘soft’ things to fall on. try a lounge chair cushion around it if you totally have to have it in there.

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