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Question by cole2585:
What is your favorite stroller, automobile seat, or travel system and why?

I am a first-time mother (due Sept 10, 2010) but I have been a full-time nanny for 6 years, so I have an idea of what I want/do not want in a stroller/car seat. Ideally, I would like a travel system so that I can place the automobile seat in the stroller for convenience when my baby is sleeping but they can also be very bulky and heavy for me at 5’2″ and 110lbs. Some of the other features I was looking for in a stroller are:

* A seat that fully reclines
* A footrest on the stroller that can be secured so that the stroller can make a bassinet (not one of my priorities, but a nice feature)
* A tray for the child (it doesn’t matter to me if there is a cup holder for my son or not because once he can use it the cup will end up on the ground anyway, that is what toddlers do)
* At least one parent cup holder and a storage compartment of some kind near the handle
* A massive basket that can be accessed without disturbing a sleeping baby in the fully reclined position
* Straps that are simple to adjust and also simple to open/close with a squirming child either inside or in your arms
* Something that can fold up and fit into the trunk of my mid-size automobile with room to spare for other essentials or groceries
* Of coarse safety and durability so I can continue to use the stroller until my son is a toddler

In a automobile seat:

* Straps that are simple to adjust and also simple to open/close with a squirming child either inside or in your arms, especially in harsh weather since the winters here can get bad- I do not want to be fumbling with straps when I am hanging half outside of my automobile in a snow storm with my infant
* Comfortable fabric that is soft enough for a newborn but breathable enough not to make him sweaty and uncomfortable in the hot sticky weather – I also do not want anything that will get hot in the sun while it is sitting in my car
* Safety
* Simple to install correctly and know that it is secured properly

I have been in and out of stores devoting hours, sometimes whole days, to trying to find the right combination. I have read reviews on each website I could find and they all contradict each other. The only consistent review I have seen is that the stroller frames (with no seat, the ones you snap your automobile seat into) are poorly built and the wheels fall off. Other than that, people are often arguing about who’s child is larger and why my child is 8 months and still fits in this automobile seat and her child is 7 months and cannot anymore or whether you should use your stroller/car seat in such and such way. My favorite reviews are the ones that state they have never actually used the product because the baby is not here yet, but it’s so beautiful! That is not helpful.

So, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the topic with their views on the features of products they have actually used. Thank you for your time!


Answer by Annie
After months of research I found a carseat and a stroller. I havn’t tried anything else so I do not really have much to compare them too.

The carseat I selected was the britax chaperone. It’s a bit difficult to take in and out, with a 2 door automobile at least. Rebound bar on base… It’s very safe

The stroller is the city mini stroller by baby jogger. My 2 year old nephew sleeps in it as comfortably as my 1 month old. It fully reclines, the part the baby lays on is soft but durable, the straps are simple enough. Comes with a large basket underneath. It’s 3 wheels, the front swivels or locks in place. SO simple to maneuver, can use one hand to push and steer! It’s under 17 pounds and all you have to do to fold it is pull a latch and it just collapses. Then you sort of throw it out and it’s set up!

The only downside to this stroller is you have to purchase the carseat adapter, child tray, parents drink holder separetely, I would not get the adapter, it’s simple enough for a baby of any size to sleep comfortably.

When it comes to the carseat, I am not too sure if that is the ideal pick, but I would not dream of getting a different stroller now

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CAN YOU USE AN INFANT CAR SEAT AFTER FEET HANG OUT? Thu, 09 Dec 2010 03:34:47 +0000 admin Question by LT’s Mommy:
Can you use an infant automobile seat after feet hang out?

My son is not close to 22lbs or one year yet so we are going to keep him rear facing regardless. However his feet are nearly hanging out. I know infant seats are made to fly forward in the event of a crash, so would not that crush and snap his feet if they were hanging out in the event of a crash? The automobile seat states it should last until 28″ but his legs are much longer than his torso is.
I have a Designer 22 by Safety 1st I thought that the height was 28″, however I am having trouble finding it on the web now. Where can I find this information other than the manual?


Answer by Ethel
As long as he meets the stipulations for height and weight you are golden, they know about torsos and leg length too.

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Looking for a COMPLETE list of all recalled infant toys, I can only find tiny lists here and there.?

Is there some place on line where all of them have been listed from the onset of this hype until now?

All my sons toys are freak’n made in China… I think iam going to have to take them all away.

How do we know that the ones that havent been listed are safe? Maybe they just havent been tested or listed YET.

Beyond that, what toy companies actually make infant toys in the US? Are there really any? I havent found any…

Stupid freaking chinese. Hacking our defense personal and poisoning our children, theyre probably trying to weaken us for an invasion.. jeez.


Answer by cj
Yes. i do not blame u! Sometimes they use lead paint! So when u r buying a toy check the back of it or bottem of it or somewhere else to see if it states in very small letters that is it is made in china!

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NEWBORN: WHERE DOES BABY SLEEP WHEN YOU BRING HIM HOME?? Fri, 03 Dec 2010 11:37:19 +0000 admin Question by christa w:
Newborn: Where does baby sleep when you bring him home??

Im due January 4th and confused about where to have the newborn sleep. I have a baby safety class in 2 weeks, but am getting the babies room ready now so would like to know what I need ready.

I have a crib and a pack n play that has a basinette. I assembled the basinette and the hooded part kept coming un-velcroed. It’s dissapointing.

But anyways, where should the newborn sleep & for how long? When is it safe for baby to sleep in crib?


Answer by Sufi
i kept them next to me in bed as long as they were nursing or needed it. it was easier not to have to get up in the night many times to nurse them. newborns do not sleep through the night. they wake up a lot.
that’s why i kept them nearby, so i could go back to sleep while nursing them.

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PLAYARD BASSINET SAFETY? Thu, 02 Dec 2010 06:47:53 +0000 admin Question by Mel:
Playard bassinet safety?

We just picked up a chicco lullaby lx playard

and we realized after we set it up that you cannot have the mobile in EVER if you put sheets on the bassinet mattress.

My husband adores the mobile and read some things about how important it is to visually stimulate newborns and really wants to leave it in.

The mattress is washable and I plan to take at least one of the sheets we purchased and cut/sew holes for the mobile snaps but it will be a large pain to get on/off, especially if there is a blow out diaper in the middle of the night.

My question: Do you think it is safe to put down a thin lap pad or receiving blanket UNDER the baby while she sleeps to try to keep the mattress/sheet clean, or if that a SIDS hazard? She will either be in a swaddler or a sleep sack and we have a fan to circulate air in the room, and it doesn’t seem hazardous but maybe if she squirms it would bunch up under her?


Answer by Proud Mommy
I would not worry too much about the sheet getting dirty and having to change it daily. It’s unlikely your baby will have “blowouts” at that young age. I did not have that issue with my oldest until he was much older. My youngest is one and we still have not had a leaky diaper.

Good luck!

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How can I convert a Graco baby rear facing automobile seater to a forward facing baby automobile seater.?

I purchased a rear facing baby automobile seat in error,instead of a forward facing seat.pls how can I make the baby sit in the automobile facing forward.The product is graco.


Answer by Bobbi
Can’t, unless the seat states OK for forward facing. Most infant seats rear-face up to 35 pounds. So, if your child is under that weight for the seat, keep them rear-facing. IGNORE THAT OUT-DATED UNSAFE 1 YR / 20 LB STATE RULE. Babies shouldn’t forward-face till after the age 2. Mine just turned at age 3 1/2, when he hit 32 lbs. Some rear-facing seats are only for small young infants. You might be stuck. What Graco model is this ???

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DO WE NEED TO BUY 2 INFANT/TODDLER SEATS, ONE FOR EACH CAR, FOR OUR BABY ONCE HE OUTGROWS HIS INFANT CAR SEAT? Tue, 23 Nov 2010 07:40:06 +0000 admin Question by emilyclaireb:
Do we need to purchase 2 infant/toddler seats, one for each car, for our baby once he outgrows his infant automobile seat?

With the Graco Infant Snugride (the seat we have been using for the last 4 months), we were able to purchase an extra automobile seat base for our 2nd car, but I am not sure how the infant/toddler convertible seats work. My husband and I swap dropping off and picking up with our daycare and I am confused as to how this will work once our baby boy graduates to the infant/toddler convertible automobile seat.



Answer by Kathie L
The convertible seats do not have bases, so you have to absolutely uninstall and reinstall them to get them out of one automobile and into another. It will probably be easier to purchase two, even though once you get the hang of it it’s not so hard to install them, you would just have to plan for a tiny extra time. If you have the LATCH system in your automobile it makes it quite a bit easier to install them IMO.

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BABY CAR SEATS CRASH TEST INFORMATION? Fri, 19 Nov 2010 06:45:49 +0000 admin Question by shady20001978:
Baby Automobile Seats Crash Test Information?

Newborn and Baby
Consumer Reports Magazine Crash test worries

In its February 2007 issue, Consumer Reports magazine reported on crash tests it performed to test the safety of automobile seats. The results were not encouraging.

Most of the infant automobile seats tested by Consumer Reports “failed disastrously” in crashes at speeds as low as 56 km/h. The seats came off their bases or twisted in place, the report said. In one case, a test dummy was hurled more than nine metres.

Of the 12 automobile seats tested, Consumer Reports stated it could advocate only two, and it urged a U.S. federal recall of the poorest performing seat, the Evenflo Discovery, which is not sold in Canada.

All the automobile seats passed U.S. standards — but Consumer Reports argues those standards should be raised.

To be sold in Canada and the United States, an infant seat must perform adequately in a 48 km/h frontal crash, and Consumer Reports found that all but the Discovery did so. But it noted that the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducts its crash tests for new automobiles at higher speeds — 56 km/h for frontal crashes and 61 km/h for side crashes — so the magazine tested the seats at those speeds.

“It’s unconscionable that infant seats, which are designed to protect the most vulnerable children, aren’t routinely tested the same as new cars,” stated Consumer Reports’ Don Mays, a product safety director.

The only seats that passed all the tests were the Baby Trend Flex-Loc and the Graco SnugRide with EPS — expanded polystyrene foam — both selling for about US. Consumer Reports urged parents shopping for seats to purchase one of those two, but it also noted that “any child automobile seat is superior than no seat at all.”

It also stated some seats performed superior when attached by automobile safety belts than when attached with the LATCH system. The system, which stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, includes belts that hook the base of a automobile seat to metal anchors in the vehicle.

Consumer Report Article
On January 4, 2007, Consumer Reports published a safety alert in the U.S. claiming that most infant automobile seats failed their new front- and side-crash evaluation tests. The report also claims that of 12 seats tested, only two performed well: the Baby Trend Flex-Loc and the Graco SnugRide with EPS (i.e., expanded polystyrene). Only six of the twelve infant automobile seat models chosen by Consumer Reports for this testing are officially certified for and marketed in Canada. They are: the Graco SnugRide; the Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio SIP; the Evenflo Embrace V; the Graco SafeSeat; the Safety 1st Designer 22; and the Combi Centre ST.
Transport Canada wants to reassure the Canadian travelling public that the Department’s collision investigations and data analyses do not support the results obtained by Consumer Reports. When automobile seats are used correctly, they perform effectively in motor automobile collisions and child occupants are afforded optimum protection.

The Department takes the safety of kids travelling in cars very seriously and is continually working to improve crash protection for kids through research, development and enforcement of safety regulations, participation in various national and international committees that work on policy development, and public awareness campaigns.


Answer by JS
Where is the question?

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HOW DO I TAKE MY BABIES CAR SEAT ON AN AIRPLANE? Mon, 15 Nov 2010 16:07:27 +0000 admin Question by dtrivunovic08:
How do I take my babies automobile seat on an airplane?

She is going to be sitting in my lap but how can I take her carseat as well? I read that you can take strollers and they take them right before you board the plane, tag it, and its waiting when you land. Does the same go for her carseat?


Answer by bubbles_bubbles_2003
well call the air lines but i am pretty sure they tag it and its waiting for you when u land.. but i would call and make sure..

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HOW WAS YOUR MOTHER’S DAY? Fri, 12 Nov 2010 21:36:06 +0000 admin Question by delina_m:
How was your Mom’s day?

Mine could have been ripped of a reality show:

On Saturday I slept in, that was good, then shortly after I got up a call came in, one of our tenants had a lavatory leak and Jason (husband) had to go take care of that. The lavatory “leak” turned out to be a serious problem that required a lot of work. Jay came back at 10:30 pm that night and had to go back yesterday. I selected to do nothing that day so I just vegged around watching movies and playing with the children while the home fell apart on me (after a week and a half vacation there was a lot that needed cleaning but I didn’t feel like doing it alone)

On Sunday I didn’t even remember it was mom’s day until shortly before noon when we called a friend for an entirely different thing and she said: “happy mother’s day”. While we were distracted with this phone call baby Mitchell (whom I now call Chucky, if you’ve seen those movies you know what I mean) brought a chair next to the kitchen counter, got a hold of the pancake mix and spread it all over the counter and the floor! Jason picked up that and left to fix that bathroom.

I was still postponing the cleaning but I knew I had to do it that day and I wanted to do it before Jason came back home at the time he stated he would 4:00pm so we could go out for dinner. Then Milena grabbed a hold of some baby food I still had there and wanted some, when Chucky saw that he wanted one too. He’s usually very good at sitting down and eating by himself but not yesterday, he got all the fruit spread on himself, his table AND the floor!!!!

After that I had to go clean so I went, gave him a shower, put him in his crib and started cleaning the whole house. I did both bathrooms, the kitchen, dinning room and living room which looked like a warzone all full of toys each pillow, seat and back of both sofas on the floor (Milena likes to build stuff with them) and uncountable loads of laundry.

At 7:00pm Jay calls saying he’s on his way. I just hung up the phone on him.

I forgot to add that Mitch also helped me unpack from the trip to Mexico. He got into the open suitcase I had left in my bedroom and spread each single thing that was in it all over my bedroom.

It took me until 8:30PM to finish all these disturbed by Mitch and Milena doing all kinds of things. Mitch turned off the washer and dryer numerous times because he adores to press buttons. On top of that he discovered how to get out of his crib so now there’s no safe place where I can give him a time out or put him while I have to do something .

He also adores to get his hands in the toilet and splash water all over the place in sum I can’t keep my eyes off him for even one minute!!!

Husband shows up at 8:30PM and finds us blissfully having scrambled eggs dinner in the kitchen. At that point I left the children with him, took a shower and went to bed.

But I tell you what, next time Jason tells me he couldn’t do something because he had the kids.. His head will roll!!!!!!

At least the home is clean
Son Mitchell is 2 years old and Daughter Milena is 4


Answer by ProudMom_of_2_gorgeous_boys
You just got back from mexico? Have they tested you for the swine?

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