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Question by Canadian Mothers Rock!:
Co sleeping specifics?

Let me begin out by saying, I am fully aware of the dangers involved with co-sleeping and follow all the safety guidelines. I have fully researched this, and strongly feel that the emotional and developmental benifits to my son far outweigh the arguable risks (SIDS is called CRIB death, after all). It is suggested by all lactation consultants (my own feels it’s the only way to sleep, recommending it at our 2 week visit) and I even have the blessing of my family physician (it seems to be a supporter of breastfeeding also means supporting co-sleeping). I firmly believe in the “mommy instict” and know I will not roll onto my son. I know there will be lots of critics of this choice (I was one before I had a baby, even though my mother co-slept with all her babies), but it is an informed choice not made on a whim. My son also sleeps in his crib next to my bed 60% of the time, but spends time with me in the morning, the occasional night and during some joint naps.

There, hopefully that will curb some of the lectures I know I will get. Now on with my question.
I would like specifics from other mothers on how they do this. I lay in the nursing position and do not move, which means when I wake up my body is stiff, my arm is numb and my back hurts. I asked a friend who co-slept all night until her son was 2 and she stated that is the way it is. Anyone have some other positions?
Do you switch sides, so you feed from a different breast, or do you always feed fromthe same one? Is there a way to feed from the opposite breast?
Do you leave your baby in a sidelying position after feeding, or push them onto their back? (my son is 5 months, he just rolls himself back onto his side, but I would like to know for future babies)
I usually rest a hand on his hip or leg, or hold his hand. Sometimes I try wrapping my arm around him when he lays on his back – carefull to have my arm across his legs/waist so not to inhibit his breathing. Do other mothers do this, or do you keep your hands to yourself?
Any other tips?
Thanks so much! With all I have read, no one ever speaks about he specifics and I’d appreciate input from other moms.


Answer by Dyot
“Is there a way to feed from the opposite breast?”

Yes — just roll over a bit to nurse from the “top” one. That might be easier stated than done if baby is young and you are still regularly engorged, but it will come.

When my daughter was very very little and still ‘floppy,’ I simply slept next to her. When she was a bit older I often slept on my side with her in my arms. I cannot remember but I think I probably helped her roll back onto her back before she was old enough to do it herself.

My daughter is now 26mo and after nursing I — well, usually I get up and pee, but if I am going back to sleep I do not stay in a nursing position, but instead roll off into something more comfortable after nursing.

When she was young she was a prodigious spitter-upper and she was usually on a massive waterproof-backed mat, and that made it simple to shift her from place to place in the bed [read: mattress on the floor] without disturbing her; I could just tug the mat along…

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this is my first time to let baby sleep in the bed please give advice. (read whole statement then answer)?

Ok so I ended up needing stay at a family members home over night and I do not have a play pen or crib here so I have to share the king sized bed with him (just us) he is 3 months old and I dont let him sleep in the bed with my husband and I for obvious safety reasons but tonight it has to work. so any tips to help keep him safe. im a first time mother and im so nervous.


Answer by Jasmin
Let him sleep in the middle of the bed so there is no chance of him falling out. Put him right up the top of the bed, so he doesn’t get stuck under the blankets, with a pillow on each side but not to close, and get a spare pillow to put between the top of the mattress and the bed head, to stop him hurting himself or falling out. hope this helps :)

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WHY DO THEY WARN SMOKERS AGAINST CO-SLEEPING WITH THEIR BABIES? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:53:30 +0000 admin Question by Guess:
Why do they warn smokers against co-sleeping with their babies?

I was researching co-sleeping safety tips and each site warned against smokers co-sleeping with their babies, but none of the sites stated why.


Answer by lee
I believe it is because the smoke lingers on you and can affect their breathing. Smoking parents have been linked to SIDS. Most will advise against co sleeping at all though, that I have seen

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SAFETY TIPS FOR CO-SLEEPING? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 08:35:18 +0000 admin Question by jatay:
Safety tips for co-sleeping?

Any moms out there with some safety tips for co-sleeping?

My daughter usually sleeps in her crib in her own room, but lately she has been waking up in the middle of the night, sometimes she just can’t get herself back to sleep, other times she wants to nurse. She is just over 5 months old. Lately I have been bringing her into bed with my husband and I, I find we ALL sleep superior this way, especially my daughter, she is so much more peaceful and wakes up happy. Last night I brought her to bed with us, but it was very cold, so I kept pulling the covers up in my sleep, then I would wake up all scared that I might suffocate her. I am a light sleeper especially with her, and I was aware of any movements she makes during the night, but I am just curious, how do you co-sleep and ensure the baby is safe? On warmer nights I do not worry about it as much b/c I do not try to cover up as much, but it’s gonna be cold again tonight!
Also, I do not want to wear anything warmer myself b/c no matter how many times I move her away at night, she always nuzzles her way back in so she is facing me, either on her side or on her back with her head turned towards me. I do not want her to get smothered under my clothing either.


Answer by NY_Attitude
We coslept with our son until he was 2.5 years of age- we transitioned him to his own bed starting at 2 years of age. We are now cosleeping with our baby who is 16 months old. Here are our tricks:

-Put your mattress on the floor and up against the wall.
-Baby proof your room- electric outlets are covered and doors closed. If baby can’t have it- put it up and away.
-Pajamas with the feet in them. They work wonders at keeping a baby warm and cozy! We leave the heat on 75 during the winter to keep the home warm downstairs and 78 upstairs at night. During the day, we turn it down to 72 upstairs because it stays warmer.

I had a pillow for both of our babies until they were 10 months old that they actually laid on- the long ends of the pillow was where their feet and head went. This kept them propped up for nursing and prevented me from rolling on them. I slept on my side with their pillow pulled up to me. It’s astonishing how they find you at night is not it?

You will get her out of your bed when the time is right- we did it and our 11 year old has autism. It’s so true- everyone sleeps superior when cosleeping is in place. Our baby does not own a crib. We opted not to purchase one because our son- who had a beautiful and costly crib and all the fancy bedding never used his. The cats did though. *shrugs* ;-)

Good luck to you!

Roberta- it DOES NOT effect your intimacy!!!
My LORD! After having 2 kids and 13 years of marriage here I have to state that is the biggest misconception!

1. Who states sex has to happen in a BED?
Neither of our kids were conceived in a bed.
2. Who states sex has to happen at NIGHT????
Get real! Once you have children- you need to become a lot more clever about intimacies anyway.

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