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Question by christa w:
Newborn: Where does baby sleep when you bring him home??

Im due January 4th and confused about where to have the newborn sleep. I have a baby safety class in 2 weeks, but am getting the babies room ready now so would like to know what I need ready.

I have a crib and a pack n play that has a basinette. I assembled the basinette and the hooded part kept coming un-velcroed. It’s dissapointing.

But anyways, where should the newborn sleep & for how long? When is it safe for baby to sleep in crib?


Answer by Sufi
i kept them next to me in bed as long as they were nursing or needed it. it was easier not to have to get up in the night many times to nurse them. newborns do not sleep through the night. they wake up a lot.
that’s why i kept them nearby, so i could go back to sleep while nursing them.

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IS CRIB IS IMPORTANT FOR NEWBORN BABY? Fri, 12 Nov 2010 10:39:47 +0000 admin Question by titu t:
Is crib is important for newborn baby?

Please i am 21 weeks pregnant and looking forward to purchase a crib but my husband keeps asking me ”IS IT REALLY IMPORTANT?” WHY CRIB IS IMPORTANT FOR NEW BORN?
CAN ANYONE HELP ME TO ANSWER HIM.I want to convince him in a good way why it is important for new born please help me …………………….please no jokes……………….he wants to purchase but need to know is it important for baby or i am the one who just like to purchase a crib……………i think baby cannot sleep with you on bed…………..and…………safety concerns like he can fall down from the bed if i am not around ( like i am in kitchen)…………….please tell me more reasons why i should purchase a crib for baby. It is my first baby after 6 years of marriage………..and it is a BOy………
Thanks in advance.


Answer by This is insanity!
I love co sleeping, but your husband needs a huge fat slap in the back of the head.

Babies need cribs. Theyre safe, theyre secure, and they are FOR newborns.

Why is he being such a tool.

Tell him some random stranger on A! states he is a freaking asstool. Bring him on in to the personal and let him read it.

What a tight wad, penny pinching skin-flint.

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RECALL ON CRIBS. SAW ON NEWS JUST NOW. THIS YOUR CRIB? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:49:20 +0000 admin Question by Joshua&Ashley[Addies 'rents]:
REcall on cribs. Saw on News just now. This your crib?

NEW YORK — Delta Enterprises is voluntarily recalling almost 1.6 million older versions of its drop-side cribs after two infant deaths, a company spokesman stated Monday.

The company stated about 985,000 drop-side cribs made between 1995 and 2005 require safety pegs that consumers might have lost during reassembly. Another 600,000 drop-side cribs made during the same time have spring pegs that can become worn out after many uses.

The recall doesn’t affect any cribs in retail inventory now.

The company will offer replacement safety pegs or spring peg kits to consumers.

“We’re erring on the side of caution,” stated Jack Gutt, spokesman for New York-based Delta Enterprise. “Anyone who calls and has these cribs that were constructed in these time periods, we are going to send anybody and everybody either additional safety pegs or the retrofit kit.”

The company is setting up a web site at for consumers. The site should be available by Tuesday. Consumers can also call 1-800-876-5304.

Picture here.;jsessionid=83C10AE9F87E30B4948F142AB82A681A?contentId=7689480&version=2&locale=EN-US&layoutCode=TSTY&pageId=1.1.1&sflg=1

Just dont want anyone to get injured on a handme down crib.


Answer by White (cub is due on Halloween)
Thanks for that! Fortunately it is not mine…I purchased mine here in Mexico.

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NEWBORN SAFETY: BASSINETS, ANYONE USED THEM? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:47:35 +0000 admin Question by Tiffany:
Newborn safety: Bassinets, anyone used them?

So we already purchased this fancy crib that rocks and then within 24 hours of having it we found on the web that infants have died in it and it causes suffocation and some were crushed by it.. So i found these bassinets on the web and i cant see anything that would go wrong with them except the strings for handles look unsafe but as for the baby sleeping next to me on the floor, is there a lot of newborn deaths from these kind?


Answer by rpswife
My daughter slept in a bassinet for 6 months after she was born. It had strings and all kinds of things hanging down and she was perfectly fine.

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AT WHAT AGE DO BABIES-TODDLERS NO LONGER NEED A CRIB FOR SAFETY REASONS? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:53:16 +0000 admin Question by lyong222:
at what age do babies-toddlers no longer need a crib for safety reasons?

I’m told very young kids begin to walk anywhere from 8 months to a year. At what age are cribs no longer needed?
how old is your child?

escaping the crib could be dangerous, since if the sides are raised this is 4 feet on the ground, they could fall and break their neck.


Answer by sarah21522152
well once they manage 2 escape the crib then thats the ideal time to begin getting them into a “big bed”!

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WASHINGTON CRAZY LAWS, DO YOU LIVE IN WASHINGTON? Fri, 22 Oct 2010 09:37:38 +0000 admin Question by Camille:
Washington Crazy Laws, do you live in Washington?

Washington Crazy Law

It is illegal to paint polka dots on the American flag.

All motor cars must be preceded by a man carrying a red flag (daytime) or a red lantern (nighttime) fifty feet in front of stated vehicle.

Looking for more dumb laws? Check out!
People might not purchase a mattress on Sunday.

You can’t purchase meat of any kind on Sunday.

All lollipops are banned.

You are breaking the law if you sell or place in the stream of commerce a crib that has: corner posts that extend more than 1/16-inch above end panels; slats more than 2 3/8 inches apart; a mattress support that releases easily from corner posts; cutout designs on the end panels; tears in mesh or fabric; missing or loose screws, bolts, or hardware; sharp edges, points, or rough surfaces on wood surfaces that are not smooth and free from splinters, splits or cracks. The new Infant Crib Safety Act in California (AB 3760, Speier), Colorado (SB 98-023,Pascoe and Morrison) and Washington Say (SSB 6229, Kohl and Pennington) says that “no commercial user shall manufacture, retrofit, sell, contract to sell or resell, lease, sublet or otherwise place in the stream of commerce, a full-size or non-full-size crib that is unsafe for any infant using the crib.

It is illegal to pretend that one’s parents are rich.

You are not granted to breast feed in public.

When two trains come to a crossing, neither shall go until the other has passed.

A law to reduce crime states: “It is mandatory for a motorist with criminal intentions to stop at the city limits and telephone the chief of police as he is entering the town.”


Men who deflower virgins, regardless of age or marital status, might face up to five years in jail.


You might not shuck peanuts on the street.


It is illegal to display a hypnotized or allegedly hypnotized person in a store window.


Dancing and drinking might not occur at the same establishment.


You might not carry a concealed weapon that is over six feet in length.

Women who sit on men’s laps on buses or trains without placing a pillow between them face an automatic six-month jail term.

No one might set fire to another person’s property without prior permission.

It is illegal to carry a fishbowl or aquarium onto a bus because the sound of the water sloshing might interrupt other passengers.


TV’s might not be purchased on Sundays.

Waldron Island

No structure shall contain more than two toilets that use potable water for flushing. -San Juan County Ordinance NO. 7 -1995 (Passed June 7,1995)


You might not ride an unsightly horse.


Answer by Kim
they have stupid laws cuz someone was actually stupid enough to do these things or cause trouble by doing them

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ARE CRIB BUMPERS SAFE FOR A NEWBORN Fri, 01 Oct 2010 08:37:49 +0000 admin Question by ***Alyssa’s mommy (7/11/08):
are crib bumpers safe for a newborn

I do not keep any toys or loose blankets in there , just a fitted sheet
and her bumpers (she currently sleeps in a bassinet)

I plan on moving
her to the crib in a few wks (she is 3wks) and have heard controversy
over the safety of bumpers andsuffocation…etc…some state it is hazardous others not….kinda confused!

(at what age can the turn themselves over?)
at what age are they considered safe?


Answer by Nurse JC
According to the SIDS foundation – crib bumpers are not safe

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WHAT BRAND BABY CRIB HAS BEST SAFETY FEATURES? Fri, 10 Sep 2010 07:44:54 +0000 admin Question by TURBOSC:
what brand baby crib has ideal safety features?

I am going to be a 1st time Grandmother. Would like to buy a crib for my use when the new baby visits. I want to be sure it has current safety features. What is a mid to lower price brand to consider? Where should I shop? Any web sites I can shop would be helpful.


Answer by LeAnn Z
All cribs are up to par with safety measures. They have to be by the standards of the law. Ultimately it comes down to what appears nice to you. I got my crib at Target for 0.00 on-line. It even came with the mattress (Internet special) This price included my shipping. It is safe, practical and looks nice.

Good Luck!

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NEWBORN: CRIB BUMPER SAFETY?? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 06:38:27 +0000 admin Question by christa w:
Newborn: Crib Bumper Safety??

Im due January 4th and am debating whether to have a crib bumper in the crib or not. The most current safety brochure for babies I received had the crib completley clear of EVERYTHING even the bumper.

So, crib bumper, yes or no?


Answer by Waiting for Baby
No. You should keep the crib clear of everything, including heavy blankets and stuffed animals. Dress your baby warm for sleeping and only use a light receiving blanket. This helps to reduce the risk of SIDS. Oh and make sure that the crib sheet you use fits tight and the mattress fits snugly in the crib.

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