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Question by ashley s:
Help! Decorating the nursery! Ocean theme!?

We are going to paint 3 of the walls sea foam green. On the last wall, we are going to paint a mural of underwater with coral reef, sand, fish and a few other things. This will be a room for an infant. He is due in about 13 weeks, so we need to get started now. We just need a few more ideas to get things started! Thanks in advance for your help.

I posted this in another category and got negative results. I need advice and creative ideas. Not criticism. Thanks!
i need ideas mostly for the mural on the wall. the green that will be on the other walls matched the blanket and it isnt a bright color. its a patel green. i just dont want to leave them white while i do a mural on one wall.


Answer by amber
make sure you add some samnd colored themes and maybe some pinks in there for the coral possily

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HOW CAN I DECORATE A NURSERY FOR A TODDLER BOY AND AN INFANT GIRL? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:50:21 +0000 admin Question by carrieds21:
How can I decorate a nursery for a toddler boy and an infant girl?

I know that the most obvious stuff is ocean/tropical, or barnyard/jungle themes, but my home is modern and my husband and I thrive on all things monochromatic and clean lines.. My baby boy’s nursery is baby blue and brown. The childlike accent thrown in is a few fluffy sheep:). We are anticipating a baby girl next year and only have one room available to serve as the nursery.. any ideas?


Answer by jandismommie
Just add a tiny bit of pink and a few butterflies.

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NURSERY DECORATING IDEAS? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:49:03 +0000 admin Question by Meh:
Nursery decorating ideas?

Anyone know where I can find some nursery decorating ideas for a baby girls room? I want to do pink & brown.


Answer by Libbie
Target! They have plenty of pink and brown things!

They have like automobile seat and stroller seats (baby gear) and Bed sets!

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BABY NURSERY DECORATING TIPS… I NEED IDEAS, AND STYLE.? Wed, 03 Nov 2010 20:32:03 +0000 admin Question by 1st Baby Due 03/9/2010:
Baby nursery decorating tips… I need ideas, and style.?

Okay even though Im only 14 weeks, Im really excited about my pregnancy. I dont know what Im having, BUT I do know that Im bored right now so I might aswell get some basic things out of the way. I need paint tip for each theme, links to where I can purchase inexpensive decorations. So here is what I have came up.

Springtime in Paris.
I would like to do pink and green color combination, along with a Paris theme. Im not sure if I would like an oak wood crib or white.

Classic winnie the pooh, very simple, very nice. The crib will be either Espresso, or cherry (depending on the color scheme).

Now Im opened to all kinds of Nursery theme ideas, so all is welcomed.

Thanx N Advance
Lol no Im not decorating right at this moment. Im waiting until 1. I get my place or 2. we find out my baby’s sex.


Answer by K Towe
well since your only 14wks along you should stay with something neutral…see the link below and you could alway use your own colors! P.S. It doesn’t always have to be a themed room (winnie the pooh or mickey mouse) GOOD LUCK!

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WHAT IS A GOOD NURSERY DECORATING IDEA FOR A NEWBORN BABY GIRL? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:54:33 +0000 admin Question by babbyy♥:
what is a good nursery decorating idea for a newborn baby girl?

i like the color pink, but what the room to be something she can grow into, and hopefully not have to re-paint the walls until she is 10 or 11

please help, photos would nice as well as prices
and if anyone can find one please send me a link with the price of those cribs that can become beds when the baby gets older.(:


Answer by inked mama
Animals, all children love animals.

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DECORATING A BABY NURSERY AND NEED IDEAS? Mon, 27 Sep 2010 02:31:47 +0000 admin Question by mimibrit:
Decorating a baby nursery and need ideas?

I am moving my room upstairs into a larger room at my parents house. The room already has a bunk bed that my dad refuses to get rid of. I wanted to get rid of it but that is out of the question could anyone think of any adorable decorating ideas I could use for the top part of the bunk seeing as that is the part I will not be using.


Answer by Kim
you could use it to put stuffed animals on :)

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BABY NURSERY DECORATING IDEAS PLEASE!? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 08:31:59 +0000 admin Question by Betty:
Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas Please!?

When did you begin your nursery? I am 28 weeks and have not started yet! Anyone have good ideas to work with? Which idea do you think is ideal for a baby girl?:

1) cheery soft yellow walls with pink bedding and accessories
2) soft blue sky with clouds
3) bright, energizing colors and patterns (modernish)
4) peaceful/serene: soft pastels, mosquito net over crib, lacey, etc.
5) a huge mural (i.e.: nursery rhyme “the cat and the fiddle”)
6) alpahabet or number theme

Room is a fair size, dark wooden floors, massive window with view of backyard…. not sure if I should go soft and peaceful or bold, bright, and stimulating… and do you need educational stuff on the walls this early in the game? Any ideas would be fantastic!


Answer by ~Valerie~
When they are born they do not see all the colors that we see. They see the brighter colors: Bright reds, blues, yellows, etc. It really depends on if you want to make the room a learning atmosphere for your baby since that is were she will be spending most of her time at after birth most likely. Or do you want to make it a calm peaceful retreat for you and her with pastels. Now is the time when you would probably want to begin decorating the room if your completly sure if it’s going to be a girl or a boy. Later on in the pregnancy you will most likely be too tired.

Lowe’s sells some wonderful wall decals and borders for children’s rooms. Also keep in mind that they grow up swiftly and if you do not want to have to convert a room in a couple of years, do it with colors that will work with different ages. I did my room son’s room in a Tiny Nemo theme, that way it would work with him even when he is a tiny older. He loved the bright colors!

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