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Question by K.Lee:
Did anyone notice a weird body odor after childbirth?

I have a three week old baby girl. I am breastfeeding and I have been noticing that I have a weird body smell. My fiance admitted to smelling it but stated he did not state anything before because he did not want to injured my feelings. He stated that it smells like spoiled milk. He thought that maybe some milk had spilled on the carpet or sheets but then he smelled it on me when we were riding in the automobile today.
I shower several times a day so its not because of poor hygiene. Has anyone had this experience? Please give me some insight.


Answer by e9601:
The order is real. It’s foul, but i do not know why it’s there.

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CAT SMELL…EWWWW — PATOOOEY! STINKY!! // PLEASE HELP!!? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:49:33 +0000 admin Question by Bonnie:
Cat smell…ewwww — Patoooey! STINKY!! // PLEASE HELP!!?

I have three manx cats. One is the mom who is about 7 years old (Can only estimate her age as she was a neglected, abandoned tiny girl when I found her with her 5 newborn kittens) and the other two are 2 of her 5 kittens. Chief and ChaCha who about about 3.5 years old. So, I have two female and one male manx who are strictly indoor cats. I have had all of them spayed/neutered.

Here’s the catch: From time-to-time I leave my clean or dirty laundry out before a good cleaning day comes around once a week or so. These clothes STINK STINK STAAANK. Whewww! PeeYuuuu! Smells like cat urine.


Obviously one or all of them have urinated on them…but I have a hard time believing this because I keep their litter boxes clean and ready to use — you know how cats dislike a dirty used kitty litter box. Riiight? Could it be simply that the male (or any of them) lay on these clothes during the day and their body odors seep into the fabric? Yes, the smell comes out during the laundry (especially because I use an oxy-clean type of product, bleach and loads of laundry detergent and fabric softener) I once heard that male cats still emit a foul odor no matter if they have been neutered or not. Is this what is happening? I stuck my FACE in his fur to smell if *he* smells. Nope. He smells just fine. He is a fluffy one…that’s for sure.

Any (credible) answers would be so appreciated. Of course, I realize I should always hang my clothes just after laundering them…and yes, I realize that I should keep the dirty/to be laundered clothing/towels, etc. in a separate hamper. That is ultimately going to have to be the solution…I suspect. However, I do not notice this awful, foul…. SMELLY CAT SMELL … (ewwww) on my furniture or in the carpet. So? What gives?

Thanks again for those who give legit (not smart ars) answers :^) These are my angel babies….I am officially the *cat lady* —- I love them soooo much!

Take care! Be well!

Thx 2 all of you who have answered so far. They are all great answers and THANK YOU for your solidarity and support during this very stanky stank time! tee heee. DO YOU GUYS THINK THAT FABREEZE or a like product would be useful on any furniture? So far I dont detect any stinky stinkston on the furniture fabric….but I could be wrong. Now I am all paranoid about walking around smelling like cat urine….unknowingly. Tee Hee….

I feel kind of petty about this as I know those in Haiti are suffering…for real tho.

Thanks again, everyone!!!




Answer by Alyssa
My mother’s cat is fixed too and she does the same thing they love you and they want other animals to know you are their’s and to stay away.

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CAN HAVING A BABY AFFECT YOUR BODY ODOUR? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:47:54 +0000 admin Question by jimjam:
Can having a baby affect your body odour?

Its horrible to say, but a friend of mine has really bad body odour, she had a child 18 months ago, but before this she never smelt, could this be the reason why? also any tips on how i can tell her nicely?


Answer by busybee
definitely, being pregnant changes many things or bad hygiene. just ask her what kind of soap she uses and respectfully tell her maybe she should switch.

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WHAT CAN MY FRIEND DO FOR A VINEGAR BODY ODOR THAT COMES BACK AFTER WASHING? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:53:35 +0000 admin Question by kuteykathy:
What can my friend do for a vinegar body odor that comes back after washing?

No jokes, please! She is a plus sized lady. Showers twice a day but her skin permeates with a vinegar like odor and we are afraid she will lose her job.Baby wipes are only a temporary solution…


Answer by MrNeutral
its amonia. she has kidney problems. must lose wieght.

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IS MY FIRST CHAPTER OF MY STORY WELL WRITTEN!? Mon, 25 Oct 2010 23:01:34 +0000 admin Question by Arkenya Jones:
Is my first chapter of my story well written!?

I remember the dream I had 2 days ago— the
same dream I’ve been having for months. It keeps
coming to me. It must mean something then. When I
woke up this morning, no doubt, I had that same
faithful dream. So, I decided to write it down. I wrote
about the mysterious man with bright red eyes. I
couldn ’t see his face in the dark; however, his
alarming red eyes stood out. He was injecting a
needle in an infant ’s arm. She cried. Then, the
strangest thing happened. The baby girl’s skin
became uneven and profane. It wasn’t as absolute as
before. Rapidly, her eyes shifted to coffee brown. The
primary color — dark blood red— began to fade. What
could this possibly mean? I have coffee brown eyes,
so it must have something to do with me. Next, all
the power she had once had, was sucked out of the
infant ’s little body. She was all the more vulnerable.
My head automatically turned to the right.
Claudia was standing by my bedroom door smiling at
“Is he here yet?” I asked.
She didn’t state anything, so I ran down stairs to
the front door and looked out the nearby window. I
saw Logan ’s Mercedes in the drive way.
Oh great! Why can’t he just leave me to my
I knew what would await me today— I wasn’t
looking forward to it. This day was Saturday, that
means …. Therapy.
Logan’s a wealthy psychiatrist who thinks
something is seriously wrong with his adopted
daughter. There ’s a reason I live with Claudia and not
him. It all started when they got married. Claudia
was unable to have kids when she married Logan
so they adopted me. I don ’t know much about my
biological parents, except that they die in some war I
was oblivious to.
I didn’t look like Claudia or Logan. People
suspected I was adopted. Claudia had light auburn
eyes and long curly golden hair. I would call her Goldie
locks to taunt her sometimes. Logan, on the other
hand, wasn ’t as fit as Claudia. Okay, okay. He’s… fat.
There, I stated it. But, he wasn’t that fat— he just had
a enormous gut— but still fat. He had short hair and
dark brown eyes, nearly black even. Ever since they
devoiced, Logan started back in filthy cigarette
smoking habit.
When Logan and Claudia devoiced, Logan
remarried 2 years later. He married Gloria — how all
people. Gloria was a redhead like her daughter
Trisha. Trisha was a younger version of her mother.
They had the same russet eyes and long bone
straight hair. Gloria thinks she ’s perfect and Trisha is
a brat— I have low tolerance for that sort of thing.
Apparently, that’s why I’m in therapy, to get help
with my anger issue I suppose.
I walked back up stairs to change my clothes. I
brushed my teeth, washed my face, and did my hair
in a easy pony tail. After I was all cleaned up, I
scurried to Claudia ’s room.
“Bye mom,” I stated waving by the door.
“Bye sweetie. And be nice to the therapist,”
She warned.
I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, sure.”
With that said, I headed out the door to
Logan’s car. I hopped in the passenger seat and
waved to him.
“Sup’ dad?” I stated smiling.
“I see you’re in a superior mood,” He
“More or less,”
Logan finally put the key into the ignition. 15
minutes later, I was face to face with Mss. Lee again.
Mss. Lee, my therapist, was a short, scanty old
lady with horrid body odor. She was callous. I didn ’t
speak very often.
“How are you feeling today?” She asked. “I
could probably guess that.” She mumbled the last
part to herself.
She was a misanthropist. “I could probably
guess that.” P-lease, who does she think she is?
There’s no guessing with her. I’m a hundred percent
sure she’s miserable all the time.
“It’s Izzi,” I snapped. The silence had finally
broken from me. I don’t know how many times I’ve
told her to call me Izzi. I proffered people not to call
me by my first name — all the extra mouth was hardly
“Pardon me, Izzi,” She corrected in a vicious
tone. “But if you do not respond accordingly, how do
you possibly think I can help you? Now speak!”
I rolled my eyes. This tyrant doesn’t tell me
what to do. She couldn’t help me even if I did
That’s a typical therapy session with Mss. Lee.
I was forever eager to get out of this hell hole. As
soon as the tyrant dismissed me, I walked straight to
the elevator. Mss. Lee’s office was on the 3rd floor. I
truly hated being here. I would sometimes take the
stairs if the elevator took too long.
That’s exactly what I did today— took the
stairs. I didn’t mind. I despised getting stuck in
monotonous conversations with people in the
elevator. That seemed highly unlikely taking the
I walked out the building and saw Logan’s
Mercedes. He was standing by the passenger door
waiting for me. I walked over.
“How was therapy?” He asked.
“Nothin’ special,” I told him.
Logan opened the door for me and I go


Answer by SamLolz
I think you are on the good track with starting a novel. You use vocabulary words and wrote in first person narrative, which I like the most.

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IS IT OKAY TO SQUEEZE MILK OUT OF AN INFANTS NIPPLE? Wed, 22 Sep 2010 14:57:54 +0000 admin Question by eimoan:
Is it okay to squeeze milk out of an infants nipple?

My sister is going to have her baby soon and she wants my mom to squeeze the milk out of her infant’s nipples…is that safe…I know it’s tradition in my mom’s country but it was in her time and even though she did it to us…I do not think it’s okay…it is stated that it prevent the child from having bad body odor, but I still feel it’s something my sister should confirm with her physician before even pleasing the idea.


Answer by Ethel
Well it would not be the end of the world but it would also encourage the infant’s mammary glands to make more milk too, thus leading to other problems.

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INFANT ARMPIT ODOR? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 06:59:26 +0000 admin Question by Joe & Nick Lover ♥:
infant armpit odor?

My son, age 9 months, has a very strong body odor smell in his armpits, even after rigorous scrubbing and bathtime. He has had it nearly since birth. We originally thought it was his organic formula, but we have since switched him to non-organic. It is an AWFUL smell, and is similar to that of a grown man who has been sweating a lot. Does anyone know what this is, or what to do to eliminate it?


Answer by jessie b
try lemon juice, vinegar or baking soda. and apply DEODORANT! hope this works!

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WHAT WOULD CAUSE BODY ODOR AFTER HAVING A BABY? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 06:57:29 +0000 admin Question by Sam D:
What would cause body odor after having a baby?

I had a baby over a year ago. Since I had her I have noticed that no matter how much I shower I always stink. I constantly smell like body odor and can’t get rid of it. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to get rid of it? Thanks


that is weird? i know when pregnant your body can expell a slight discharge because the virgina is cleansing itself and keeping the birth canal infection for the delivery. maybe this is still happening? i’m experiencing this now and i’m 4 mo. + pregnant

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