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Question by lala:
how old is my baby rat? and am i taking the proper care for it?

she was a pinky when i got her, she was supposed to be food… i fealt bad so i am caring for her, she is being fed each 3 hours during the day and once in the middle of the night. i am feeding her kmr kitten milk replacement and im diluting the powder more then recomended for kittens so that the milk is easier to swallow for the baby. she is in a closable plastic container with a couple fleece blankets in it (there are holes poked on the top for ventilation). the container is ontop of a heating pad set on meadium heat, only half the container is on the heating pad so she can crawl away from the heat if she is uncomfortable though she generally stays on the half with heat. she has very small teeath that i can see in her mouth and her eyes are still shut you can still see her pink skin but she is growing a coat and her pattern is noticeable she is about 1 1/2 inches long including her tail. i know this is a lot to read but any help would be very much appriciated. btw i am stimulating her to go to the lavatory but gentlly massaging her anus and genitals with a warm damp q tip after each feeding. (i got her yesterday she is still lively and eating well, she poops several times a day and pees often) does she have much of a chance?


Answer by Erica R
You’ve got yourself a very young rat…I’d state its a couple weeks maybe. I found a baby rat last October so I called my vets office and they told me to feed it Esbilac, which is a puppy milk. I was once told that cat food is not good for mice or rats that they can develope a type of reaction (sorry cannot remember what she called it). Nonetheless the puppy milk worked for mine and she now a huge rat named Tudy! Make sure the milk is a wee bit warm but keep the milk refridgerated! I would use an oral syringe and run it under warm water for a minute…but not too hot! Keep in mind you can freeze some of the milk to keep it fresh. That is great that your stimulating it and that it is going to the bathroom…good sign! Babies need lots of sleep and food. Each three hours is good but being it’s so young it could not injured to feed it twice in the night, unless you get up very early and of course first thing. Sounds to me like the inclosure is set up pretty well…once it grows fur you can take away the heat and it can keep itself warm at that point.

Keep it up and good luck!! :)

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URGENT QUESTION ON NEWBORN RABBITS? Tue, 30 Nov 2010 08:41:04 +0000 admin Question by nicky:
urgent question on newborn rabbits?

it’s my female rabbit’s first pregnancy and she gave birth to 1 newborn and she doesn’t breast feed it…. so i have to hold her down in order for the baby to breastfeed. i was doing research on the world wide web and it stated that newborn rabbits, if their mom doesn’t take care of them ,i have to instruct them how to pee. i have to use a wet cloth and stroke its genitals till it pees….i tried it and it did not work and the world wide web also stated if this was not done after each feeding it would die. i went to the guy i got my rabbits from and he stated that you do not have to do that and it’ll learn on its own …but i’m seeing this thing on more than 1 site and i need to know if its true or not …so do you really need to instruct a rabbit how to pee and if so how do you… i tried but it did not work :( i’m really attached to the newborn and i cant let it die so please help if you can…it’ll really mean a lot


Answer by Robert M.
Well I hope you know that the mom hasn’t been feeding it because you have been weighing the baby. Do not anticipate to see the mom hop into the nest box and feed it while you watch. She will try to do it early in the morning or when no one is around. So my recommendation is to leave your baby rabbit alone (going one day without food will not kill it). Purchase a mailing scale at staples or office depot. Weigh the baby at 7pm tomorrow- leave the mommy and baby alone- and then weigh it again the next day at 7pm. If the baby has gained any little amount of weight it is being fed and you can get out of your momma bunnies business. Just to be sure weigh it again the day after. Its just very unnatural for a mom rabbit to feed her kits while there could be a threat around and if she is trying to nurse the kit and you are constantly interfering you could be causing her and the baby both a lot of stress and that in it’s self could be enough to kill the baby. I doubt you have to instruct the baby to pee so stop worrying about all that bs and go get a scale to weigh it each day so that you can really find out if she is or is not feeding it. In the meantime stop making her feed the baby! You def do not want her to nurse it too often.

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THIS IS A QUESTION FOR THE PRO-ROUTINE INFANT CIRCUMCISION CROWD? Mon, 15 Nov 2010 18:41:52 +0000 admin Question by Nurse Autumn Intactivist NFP:
This is a question for the Pro-Routine Infant Circumcision crowd?

Why should it be the parents choice to decide whether or not the child will be circumcised rather than the owner of the penis (the child)? Even if there really were medical benefits (I do not believe there are), circumcision is not a medically pressing issue. There is no reason to have it done now, rather then when the child is old enough to make the decision for himself.

#1- Infants are not sexually active, so there are no worries about STD’s

#2- Even though the studies in Africa are flawed, even the researchers stated that circumcision did *not* reduce HIV risk after 2 years post circ. As we all know, infants are not at risk of contracting HIV via the penis.

#3- It is easier for the parents to care for an intact penis because the foreskin is fused to the head of the penis. No special care is required until the foreskin becomes retractable, in which case, the boy is old enough to care for it himself.

#4- It actually hurts LESS to be circ’ed as an adult, because they can give sufficient numbing, and even general anesthesia if so desired. Also, they can send them home with powerful pain killers for the post-op recovery period. Not to mention, the man has a choice in his circ status.

#5- Even though UTI’s are rare in boys, they are not that bad. (I just had one myself a few weeks ago) Infact, they are 8 times more common in females, yet we do not amputate parts of their genitals. We give them antibiotics and they are fine.

#6- They will not be made fun of in school, the circ rate in America is about 50%, so this generation will have an entirely different view of circumcision.
Noah’s Mommy- I WAS just asking a question. These are the facts, and the facts are, that yu have violated your sons human rights. You in NO WAY answered the question, thus showing that you have nothing to state in defense. You are giulty and you know it, you just dont want to admit it.
Stef- yes, I am pro-choice. I also vaccinate my son. I am not taking away anything that belongs to him. Vaccines simply stimulate the immune system. There are also real benefits from vaccinating
Kisses come in fives- again, because it is not your penis to decide to amputate part of. Discipline methods are different. They are not permanatly altering a part of the body nor do they make the sex life less enjoyable for both partners.

Are you ok with people circumcising their daughters? After all, it is THEIR daughter. What about tattooing their 4 month old?


Answer by Lisa
I absolutely concur with you. There is no way i would circumcise a son if i ever have one. Thankfully my current bf is not circumcised, so i’m sure it’d be easier to convince him not to circumcise a child then a guy who is circumcised.

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MY CHILD’S GENITAL ORGANS ARE TOO SMALL? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:49:23 +0000 admin Question by Mary J:
My child’s genital organs are too small?

Although I am a bit hesitant but I have to ask as I cannot ask anybody else and also i will not have the opportunity of asking so many people.My son is 4 yrs old.The problem is that I have found that his genital organs(penis=3/4″ in flaccid say and testes) are not growing as they should since his birth.The nurse also who used to take care of him when he was a baby told me that his genital organs (both testes and penis)are smaller than other babies.I am worried.Should I meet some physician and if then which physician (a paediatrician or a urologist)


Answer by bwadsp
This is not the place to ask this question. You should see a doctor

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TAKING CARE OF A ORPHANED BABY MOUSE? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:47:39 +0000 admin Question by Sesshi:
Taking care of a orphaned baby mouse?

I recently obtained an orphaned baby mouse, maybe four or five days old. Eyes are closed, but she walks.
I’ve been feeding her puppy formula each hour or two, as I have read I am supposed to. However, I also read that you have to stimulate the mouse to go to the lavatory as the mom would do.
I’ve tried using my finger dipped in warm water, a warm wet cotton swab, a warm wet cotton ball, and a warm wet paper towel. I have rubbed the genitals to try to stimulate the mouse, but to my knowledge, it hasn’t gone to the lavatory yet.
What am I doing wrong/what else can I do?
I genuinely do not want her to die because of my inability to care for her properly. |:
To the person that stated she could die of the toxic waste in her body; how long would it have to had built up for that to happen?
Because honestly, I have fed her around five times from yesterday, and nothing’s come out yet to my knowledge. :x


Answer by lidda_s
“They’re stimulated to go only when rubbed around the genitals and anus. This is so the mom can ingest the waste and keep the nest clean. You need to stimulate the baby to pee each time you feed him. He might not poop each time, but he should poop at least each third feeding. Use a piece of toilet paper or tissue and gently flick it across the genital area for at least 30 seconds after each meal to take care of this important hygiene matter. If you fail to do so, the rat will die of toxic poisoning from his own wastes. Baby poop is normally soft and yellow or brown until they begin eating solid food.” This website seams really helpful. Good luck-

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NEED ADVICE ON CARING FOR A NEWBORN KITTEN.? Mon, 01 Nov 2010 04:42:24 +0000 admin Question by beazgirl:
Need advice on caring for a newborn kitten.?

A stray cat had kittens behind my neighbors shed 4 days ago. She had six kittens. Two days after she had them, she began to move the litter. This day me and my neighbor heard kittens crying behind the shed, so we went to check it out. There were 3 kittens left back there 2 of which were dead. The third one was barely breathing. I pick the third up and brought it home. I believe momma cat left the three kittens there to die. I have gotten a bottle and some kitty formula and she is nursing. I know to rub her genitals with a wet cloth to make her “potty” but that is about all I know. I need some advice on how to care for this kitten.
When I found her she was barely breathing. I think she was over heated (it is 97 degrees outside this day and they were in the tall grass with no shade) because after being inside for about 10 minutes her breathing returned to normal. I do not think she will die because she does nurse well and has a healthy, loud meow. She tries to get around but still has no balance. I think because she was between the two deads ones that the momma thought she was dead too.


Answer by the_talkative_hermit
Make sure the kitten is warm. Kittens can’t control their body heat until they are about 2 months old. They rely on mom-cat (in this case, you) to keep them warm. Cats have a general body temp of 103-105. The ideal way I know of to get this is to get the kitten a kitty bed (the type with the removable cushy pad on the bottom) and get a small heating pad. KEEP THE PAD ON LOW. You do not want to over-heat the kitten. Make the kitten a sort of ‘igloo’ out of shirts or something soft, most kittens are natural cave-cats. At night, and as often as you can, keep her close to you. If you can, get a recording of a cat purring and play that for her.

Keep in mind, also, that up until 1-2 months of age, kittens nurse all the time. Give her as much as she wants, and try to feed her about each hour.

It’s a lot to keep in mind, but the rewards are worth it! The kitten will quite literally see you as Mom-Cat.

Good Luck!!

-Talkative Hermit

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WHEN WILL ROUTINE INFANT CIRCUMCISION (FORCED GENITAL MUTILATION) BE OUTLAWED IN THIS NATION? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:53:19 +0000 admin Question by Dэrэk Я, the East-Coаst Élitist:
When will routine infant circumcision (forced genital mutilation) be outlawed in this nation?

To the religious.

If god created us in his image, then the foreskin is apart of his image. Circumcision is an abhorrent mutilation of the perfection that is man.

To the nonreligious.

The foreskin evolved for a reason, and it’s there for a reason. A man should have a say on whether he wants it before you chop it off.


Take the quiz for yourself.

1. As regards pain, circumcision:

A. does not hurt.

B. Is excruciating for an infant as well as an adult. Tightening the circumcision clamp puts crushing pressure on a big area of sensitive skin.

2. The foreskin is:

A. a useless piece of skin

B. an integral part of the male sexual organ, containing most of the nerve endings of sexual pleasure.

3. During circumcision, the infant:

A. goes to sleep.

B. withdraws into a say of neurogenic shock (coma), due to sudden big pain.

4. With respect to functions, the foreskin:

A. has no function. It is “just a piece of skin.”

B. has at least three major functions:

1. protection of the glans penis, an internal organ.

2. coverage of the shaft of the elongated, erect penis.

3. provision of most of the nerves for sexual response

(the ridged bands on the inner lining of the foreskin).

5. With respect to cancer of the penis, circumcision:

A. prevents it.

B. has nothing to do with penile cancer.(American Cancer Society, 1989)

6. With respect to ethics, a physician who performs a circumcision:

A. is practicing reasonable medicine.

B. violates all seven Principles of the AMA Code of Ethics; violates a primary tenet of health care, First, Do No Harm; and violates the Golden Rule.

7. With respect to human rights, a physician who performs a circumcision:

A. is within his rights.

B. violates a basic human right, the right to an intact body. The infant has the right not to have normal body parts removed without his express consent. The physician has failed to obtain the informed consent of the mutilee. The physician is violating the Nuremberg Code of Ethics, which regulates experimentation on humans.

8. With respect to safety, circumcision is:

A. safe

B. kills an unknown number of U.S. infants each year.

9. With respect to complications, circumcision has:

A. very few complications

B. a 100% complication rate – in each instance the loss of a useful organ. In addition, there are many unrecorded complications, including deaths. Health costs of circumcised boys 5x those of intact boys!

10. The loss of foreskin:

A. has no effect on later life.

B. contributes to inferior sexual relations, which leads to increased divorce rates, increased violence, increased exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, and contributes to impotence, especially after age 40.


Answer by Islam Delenda Est
To do so would be to deprive Jews of their religious rights. It will not happen.

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HOW OFTEN SHOULD A NEW BORN KITTEN POOP? Sun, 17 Oct 2010 14:41:16 +0000 admin Question by Inga C:
how often should a new born kitten poop?

taking care of 4 newborn kittens since Thursday. Have only seen 1 poop each. Rubbing their genitals with wet warm washcloth and cottonballs. Want to make sure they are not constipated.


Answer by nmyankee
Why are you taking care of these kittens without having the ‘phone number of a vet. hospital to call? Newborn kits need to be fed formula each 2-3 hours .. when are you sleeping? I think this is a Recipe for Disaster in the making but, if you can manage .. God Bless.
See link for info’

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I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT BABY GIRL’S GENITAL AREA? Sun, 03 Oct 2010 00:44:00 +0000 admin Question by Lilly:
I want to learn about baby girl’s genital area?

My husband broke up with us because his family told him to. We have a 15 month old daughter and I am 30 pregnant(a girl). He never ask about it and all his family worry about is he will have to pay for child support. I have to take care of my daughters on my own with my family’s help. However, I have to give all my responsibilities toward my daughters and I want to learn about baby girl’s genital to keep them safe. I know I might be over protective but I am a single mom, I have to take their dad’s place also. They are my life if something happen to them I cannot live. Please help me to find a book or website about baby girl’s genital. I am worry because my brother in law once took my daughter out of my sight.
Thank you so much
Sorry, I was meant to state “30 weeks pregnant”
thanks for those whom took my question seriously. I need to seed for counselor for myself soon because I am really tired, really. For wat my hus. and his family done to me before and after I left is really painful. I am trying to stand still for my daughters. I love them to death and would go crazy if something happen. I posted this question because I am not sure if the Dr. would help with my concerned. I do not think my brother in law would haven done something like that but i just want to make sure.
thanks for those whom took my question seriously. I need to seed for counselor for myself soon because I am really tired, really. For wat my hus. and his family done to me before and after I left is really painful. I am trying to stand still for my daughters. I love them to death and would go crazy if something happen. I posted this question because I am not sure if the Dr. would help with my concerned. I do not think my brother in law would haven done something like that but i just want to make sure.


Answer by Rockmum
why, do u think he molested her???????? take her to a dr instead, xxxxxxxxxx

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IS THERE MUCH DIFFERENCE IN TAKING CARE OF A NEWBORN GIRL THAN A NEWBORN BOY? Sat, 18 Sep 2010 10:51:29 +0000 admin Question by *~Mallorie~*:
Is there much difference in taking care of a newborn girl than a newborn boy?

I am due with our 2nd child in Feb. My son is 2 years old. I am wondering if there are any huge differences in the way you have to care for the baby between it being a boy or a girl. I know i had to clean my sons penis a certain way etc. I know physicians dont usually mess with the girl genitalia but i’ve never changed a tiny girls diaper before.. is there much of a difference? Is there a certain way you have to wipe etc? i know this might sound silly but i just want to be prepared!

i’m due with our second child in Feb. and its a girl!****


Answer by dutchess5513
It is all the same except for whats in the diaper, just clean her hooha front to back just like us and that is it! Congrats on ur lil 1!

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