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Question by Veggiegirl:
Do you investigate before you vaccinate?

Federally suggested vaccinations ensure that a baby will be injected with a total of 51 viral and bacterial antigens by the time it is 6 months old! Included with all these germs are preservatives, adjuvants and antibiotics proven highly toxic to a baby’s brain and nervous system. The federal government’s vaccine injury data base contains names of thousands of dead and disabled babies and kids who were healthy just prior to vaccination.

Serious vaccination side effects discussed in medical literature include: sudden infant death syndrome, asthma, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, encephalopathy, blindness, bowel diseases and neurological disorders. According to vaccine packet inserts, the shots for hepatitis B, MMR, DPT, chickenpox and HIB can cause EAR INFECTIONS in susceptible children. A child loses 7% of his hearing each time a tube is inserted to drain the ear. Many kids are vaccine-damaged, but only a small percentage of their parents apply for compensation. These few parents see only one of their kids in four awarded a federal compensation.

Three vaccine manufacturers have recently been found by the FDA to be in violation of sterility, testing and documentation requirements. Scientific studies confirm that commercial vaccines often contain pathogenic animal and human viruses, bacteria and mycoplasma, which escape the filtering process during manufacture.1 Some of these pathogens take years to become obvious. The deadly monkey virus SV-40 contaminated early polio vaccines. Now SV-40 is being found in human bone and brain cancers and in Hodgkin’s lymphomas.

Cancer researchers say that the synthetic vitamin K shot routinely given to newborns might significantly increase the risk of childhood cancer. Only 1 in 10,000 babies are at risk of vitamin K deficiency.

The genetically engineered hepatitis B vaccine given to newborns and toddlers is very dangerous. According to the Association of American Doctors and Surgeons (AAPS), the risk of a serious reaction might be 100 times greater than the risk of the disease itself. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) produced an internal memo suggesting a “possible association between the vaccine and multiple sclerosis.” AAPS calls for a moratorium on hepatitis B vaccination, pending proper clinical studies. 2

The MMR vaccine, given to kids at age 18 months, is derived from aborted fetal cells. It is now definitively linked to America’s explosive epidemic of autism by researchers at Utah Say University. 3 Autism is a devastating condition involving brain damage, severe abdominal cramping and hyperactivity. During the 2001 congressional autism hearings, Congressman Dan Burton condemned U.S. health agencies for not withdrawing MMR vaccine from the market.

AAPS says these hazardous vaccines continue to be slapped into our kids because committee members recommending these vaccines have “incestuous ties with agencies that stand to gain power, or manufacturers that stand to gain enormous profits, from the policy that is made.” Furthermore, says have been given a 0 federal bounty for each fully vaccinated two-year old child.

Vaccines often prove INEFFECTIVE in preventing disease. During North Idaho’s 1997 whooping cough epidemic, 81.5 percent of sick kids had all four of their DPT vaccinations. The CDC recently reported that 23 kids in daycare –previously vaccinated against varicella– contracted chicken pox anyway. Measles epidemics among measles-vaccinated kids are very common. And kids vaccinated for measles can later develop atypical measles with serious complications.

Neither vaccine profiteers nor government agencies have EVER conducted long-term studies on genetic damage and the probable cancer-causing effects of vaccines. Vaccine makers have no incentive to conduct costly clinical control studies on vaccine safety since federal law protects them from liability if a child is severely hurt or killed by a vaccine. Private insurance companies will not touch vaccine damage.

Idaho Statute 39-4804 says that before your child is vaccinated you must be informed that vaccinations are NOT MANDATORY and MAY BE REFUSED on medical, religious or philosophical grounds. The law also says you are entitled to an accurate explanation of the many complications known to follow vaccinations. Washington say law also grants for medical, religious and philosophical exemptions from vaccination (RCW28A.210.090).

Visit our web site for information you need to protect your child from medical experimentation and political exploitation. We post exemption forms you can use for school in many states. Our site offers well-referenced articles and studies, not only on each of the vaccines, but on keeping kids healthy.

Vaccination Liberation
P.O. Box 457,
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869-0457

1. What is Coming Through That Needle? The Problem of Pathogenic Vaccine Contamination by Benjamin McRearden. This shocking article includes 116 references to medical studies and is available at

2. The AAPS web site is:

3. Vijendra K. Singh, Department of Biology and Biotechnology Center, Utah Say University. See “U.S. Researcher Links MMR to Autism” on our web site.
Children that are not vaccinated are very healthy, if not healthier than vaccinated children.
The website is and it is said there.


Answer by tammer
Both my chilren have had all the shots, and the new baby will too when it arrives……everything has side effects, I selected to give the shots, to prevent the actual illness from occuring.

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IPV & HIB VACCINE FOR INFANT BEFORE TRAVEL TO INDIA? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:50:22 +0000 admin Question by shubsha:
IPV & HIB vaccine for infant before travel to India?

We are scheduled to travel to South India from Japan with an infant of 3 plus months. In Japan the vaccination scheme is not as aggressive as in India. So until now he has got only DPT ( 1st shot) and BCG vaccine. We are unable to give him Polio vaccine here because as per the japanese system we need to have 4 weeks difference between BCG vaccine and IPV.
My question: Is it ok for the infant to travel without the above 2 vaccines to India and give the vaccines as soon as he lands in India ( 1- 2 days)?


Answer by Diane A
Perhaps you should discuss this further with a health provider. You have several issues here in that 1. the child is very young & might not respond to vaccines with antibody production due to an immature immune system. 2. it takes weeks to build immunity to a vaccine, so the infant will not be covered for some time even receiving the vaccine upon landing. The child is young enough that you can control his diet, so he should not be at risk for many illnesses. Be sure & boil all water for him.

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CAN POLIO BE GIVEN TO A BABY WHILE THE MOM IS STILL PREGNANT? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:49:03 +0000 admin Question by krisbas2002:
Can polio be given to a baby while the mother is still pregnant?

can polio be passed down to a baby while in the belly? If so can the baby get post polio syndrome?


Answer by Susan S
No, that is not possible.

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SHOULD I GIVE MY NEWBORN THE HEP B VACCINE? WHICH VACCINES DO YOU GIVE? Wed, 03 Nov 2010 22:32:01 +0000 admin Question by CosmoKindra:
Should I give my newborn the Hep B vaccine? Which vaccines do you give?

I am just so torn on vaccines it’s not even funny.. it’s the hardest parenting decision I have ever made! With that being stated I think it is important to vaccinate against the harmful diseases like polio etc.. but I am trying to cut out as much as I can of the unimportant.. like chicken pox.. I also feel the Hep B is among the not so important.. however my ideal friends husband has Hep B.. There is no risk of her husband really being around my child but there is of my friend.. She is vaccinated and doesn’t carry the disease but I am just worried like if she kisses him then comes and kisses my baby could the baby get it? How exactly is Hep B transferred? Body fluids? Massive amounts like Aids or just drinking after someone? I am so confused about all of this I hate it!!! I have a 20 month old and was thinking he was autistic.. I now know he is not but the scared really made me begin thinking about everything and now I am so torn on it all.. Also it is really simple to state well I would rather my son to have Autism then to contracted a disease.. but when your actually faced with the possibilities you think differently. He has yet to get his MMR because I am terrified of it.. but he has had all of his shots up to 12 months.. I have read to wait on the MMR until after 2? What is your thoughts.. To people who are going to answer vaccines do not cause Autism that is your opinion.. I have done my research and I am certainly not convinced either way. Should I vaccinate my up coming newborn with the Hep B since my ideal friend’s husband has Hep B? What are the chances the baby could get it? I do not know what to do and I am not looking for criticism.. Anyone else feel this is a really hard decision in parenting?
Your right I am mis informed! I try to do my research but I do not comprehend a lot of the huge words.. etc if someone could give it all to me in English that would be GREAT!


Answer by Haruhi
Hep B is not so easily contracted. Unless your baby will be needle sharing or having sex(which, I am assuming, is a no), then your baby is really not at risk. Your friend kissing your baby is not an issue, that will not transfer it.

Autism, though it gets the most media time, is not the only concern when it comes to vaccinations. With the toxic ingredients comes many different reactions, one of which is death.

The ideal thing you can do is research each individual vaccination and decide if you want that given to your child. Research the vaccine, the ingredients, the possible reactions and rates of reactions, the disease, possible complications and rates of complications. And remember that it is not an all or nothing deal. You can delay them as long as you wish, pick and select which ones you would like, and not give any at all, if you decide. Remember that while you can always go back later and get them, if you decide, you can’t take back what has already been given.

My personal take: We do not do any vaccinations at all. In a nutshell, I believe the risks of my kids suffering a reaction to the vaccinations are much greater than the risk of them contracting a disease and suffering complications to it. Many of these diseases are complication free in healthy immune system. Polio is 95% asymptomatic, and less than 1% of those cases end in paralysis.
I also greatly disagree with injecting my kids with, what I view are, toxins. Mercury is not my only concern, and some vaccines still do contain mercury in trace amounts and are still granted to be called “mercury free”. Aluminum, formaldehyde, and antibiotics are only a few of the vaccine ingredients I am concerned about.
And I have extreme issues with the level of their testing, as all vaccinations are not tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic properties, or effects on fertility.
Oh, and I should add that my decision has totally nothing to do with the Autism theory whatsoever. I made my decision before I even heard about it, and am not convinced on the link absolutely myself.

And your kids do no have to have shots to get into public school/daycare. No vaccine is mandatory, you do not have to give them to your child. My 3 kids do not have any. All says offer some sort of exemption for school and daycare, you just need to know how to get them.

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WHAT TYPE OF IMMUNITY WILL THE INFANT DEVELOP? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:54:34 +0000 admin Question by Carlo L:
what type of immunity will the infant develop?

as an infant recieves her first dose of oral polio vaccine, the nurse explain to her parents that the vaccine is a preparation of weakened virus.


Answer by mousiebaby
Scary stuff. go to and find out what exactly is in those vaccines.

Did you know that there is a 95% greater chance of dying from the polio vaccine than there is of dying from polio?

Did you know that in the 50′s and 60′s millions of people were injected with the polio vaccine that had been contaminated with the Simian Virus #40 which is comparable to AIDS and causes cancers and brain tumors?

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IN UNVACCINATED INFANTS, WHICH TYPE OF POLIO INFECTION IS MOST COMMON? Mon, 27 Sep 2010 03:31:58 +0000 admin Question by Dashman:
In unvaccinated infants, which type of polio infection is most common?

I have looked everywhere for this and cannot find a definite answer. My options are:
a. Abortive polio
b. Aseptic meningitis
c. Asymptomatic
d. Paralytic polio


Answer by Kandra
about it you can get information from here

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Is it safe to bring a newborn around someone who has Polio (the baby has not been immunizied yet)?


Answer by CassieH
I do not advocate it, you could risk making the baby very ill. Please do not play with your baby’s health.

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