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Question by K C:
My nearly 9 yr. old daughter sucks her tongue to fall to sleep & wants to kick the habit?

She has had this habit since she was an infant & she was breastfed. I did read those comments, but now she is so much older it is more of a habit like nail biting than anything else, not even security anymore. When she was a toddler she added a teddy/blankie to the habit. She actually wants to stop, but needs some ideas on how to fall to sleep without this habit. Any thoughts? Suggestions? I appreciate any help.


you musta got stupid comments and you are serious.. maybe try a pacifier to suck on for a while just to get a different feeling or lollipops. and try warm milk before she goes to sleep .. altho lollipops have sugar an might make her hyper so she cant go to sleep maybe in morning suck on em for a different feeling.then wean her off and try warm milk. other than that maybe a pediatrician can help her.. or pray..i would sleep with a blankey and teddy if i was eighty years old smile..

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IS IT BETTER TO BITE YOUR INFANTS FINGERNAILS VS NAIL CLIPPER? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:48:59 +0000 admin Question by Logan’s Mommy:
Is it superior to bite your infants fingernails vs Nail Clipper?

Is it safer to bite your babies fingernails instead of slicing them with nail clippers? I just always think Im gonna cut my sons finger. But his nails get so long. What are some recommendations about slicing babies nails?


Answer by Allison D
I find chewing them off worked really well for me. Try it when baby is napping.

I used clippers once and I accidentally cut her finger and made her bleed! This is my reason to chew them off and only when necessary. I have only chewed them off maybe three times in her life and I waited until she was napping on me so she would not be squirming around. She doesn’t hold still for anything but her bottle and her naps!

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CAN A 2 YEAR OLD HAVE STRESS? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:54:27 +0000 admin Question by Patricia K:
Can a 2 year old have stress?

Our 2 year old grandaughter always had a pacifier. When she turned 2 our daughter took the pacifier away cold turkey. This baby had about 5 or 6 paci’s in her bed each night. She was such a good sleeper when she was on the paci. Now, it has been a month since she has not had it, but she has become nervous, bites her nails, does not go to bed, she is now sleeping in her parents bed. And just yesterday, she has now broke out with what the pediatrician states is hives. She was always a quiet low maintenance toddler, but now it seems that since she does not have a paci, she is a absolutely different child. Do you think that since the paci was taken away abruptly that this is causing her stress and, in turn, making her break out in hives, and biting her nails?


Answer by Woodworkingmenace
It might be a contributing factor, thats for sure.

How about the Parents? Do they fight? That will put stress on any child if the child has to last that! Also, the hives maybe from something else entirely.

The Parents might have changed laundry soap and that could have broken her out.

We had to break my Daughter of that, and it was tough, and she “did” get more “rough” around the edges for quite some time, when her “security” was taken away in the form of a pacifier.

I wish you well…


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TODDLER TO STOP BITING NAIL LIQUID Fri, 20 Aug 2010 08:35:29 +0000 admin Question by Delphi p:
toddler to stop biting nail liquid

where can i get it in Malaysia? mY toddler likes to bite her nail until it bleeds!


Answer by SDXZ
I guess its common in toddlers, too bad I do not live in malaysia. sorry.

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