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Question by rajeev:
my niece newborn tested for Hypoglycemia, Is it permanently curable?

my niece newborn tested for Hypoglycemia, Is it permanently curable?, which is the ideal hospital in South/ Cental Kerala, india. What should be the cause of it, since there is no herditory diabetics related history in the family, nor her parents have any diabetic, please advice what to do, she is under treatment in a hospital,


Answer by ana95095
No, it is not permanently curable. The immediate solution for hypoglycemia is the administration of dextrose which eventually gets metabolized by the body. For a person this age only 80ml of a 25% solution of Dextrose can be administered at one time. If that does not bring the blood sugar levels up then a physician will need to make a decision as to what to do.

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HOW CAN YOU AVOID BABY HAVING HYPOGLYCEMIA AT BIRTH? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:48:52 +0000 admin Question by drtabby2b:
How can you avoid baby having hypoglycemia at birth?

I have heard of babies needing a bottle of sugar water directly after birth for being hypoglycemic. This happened to a friend of mine and then her baby would not breastfeed. The child is not hypoglycemic now, it was ONLY upon birth. I REALLY want to breastfeed so I am wondering if there is any way to be sure this will not happen? Is because the mom does not eat in labor? Or is it just something that you cannot really control?


Answer by mouse_726
Generally I have heard of this happening because of the mom having gestational diabetes, especially if it is not caught and treated early enough. The baby then needs sugar after birth to stabalize their system.

And, just because the baby is given a bottle of sugar water, doesn’t mean that they will not breastfeed. and, I am not sure that they always give it in a bottle.

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10 points! are babies born to diabetic moms at risk for HYPOglycemia or HYPERglycemia?

I kind of forgot which one is which and what are the possible nursing managements?


Answer by °。♥Expecting 03/30/2010♥。°
Hypoglycemia and Macrosomia

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CAN HYPOGLYCEMIA BE TREATED IN BABIES AND HOW LONG DOES IT USUALLY TAKE IF IT DOES? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 08:35:28 +0000 admin Question by trinity1482:
Can hypoglycemia be treated in babies and how long does it usually take if it does?

Can hypoglycemia be treated in babies and if it does how long does it take? My baby weighed 8 lbs when he was born and has been in the hospital for 11 days now. Can it be treated? Am I over reacting, I cry a lot and just want him to come home already?


Answer by Richy Rich
I can envision you wanting the tiny one to come home and I hope this will be soon. Hypoglycemia – low blood glucose – sugar – will be treated with ensuring that he is well nourished. They will do heel sticks to ensure that it (glucose) is maintained. The sugars in formula or breast milk can remedy this however, if it will not be maintained on it’s own they will probably have to try another method. Also, they will ensure that the baby remains warm which includes the cap, swaddling of blanket to stay on so the warmth will not go out through his scalp or body which can cause a baby to be hypoglycemic also because brown fat uses energy (burns off glucose) to keep the tiny one warm if they get cold and need to use it.

Based on the info that you have given, this is a tiny info to
give you some lead on what is going on.

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