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Question by :) :
If your infant has had a teething fever please answer!?

My 6mth old has had a fever for a day and a half straight. I am positive it is because of teething (he is drooling a lot!!) Just wondering if you could tell me how long your babies fever lasted with teething. Thanks!


Answer by New Mom
My physician and the public health nurse told me that teething does not cause a fever. So if your child experiences a fever while teething, you should treat it as any other fever. I would take your child to the physician just to make sure everything is ok.

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TEETHING QUESTION? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:47:52 +0000 admin Question by i_heart_my_soldier_xoxo:
teething question?

Just asked this in the newborn section and didnt get much of a response so I will ask here too :)

Are the eye teeth hardest/most painful to cut. My 16 month old is working on her top 2 eye teeth (tooth number 13 and 14 for her) She has never given me a problem teething and never seemed to be in any pain. Now suddenly she is very fussy and doesnt want to eat, low grade fever, chewing on her blankie. Just wondering if these teeth are worse or if maybe there is something else wrong with her. Thanks
ok im not asking what to do for her. i already know to give her tylenol and teething tablets and other tiny tricks. MY QUESTION IS….are the eye teeth more painful than the other ones???


Answer by dueinoctwith#3
The first two teeth can be horrible but most babies have the hardest time with the eye teeth because the pain can go all the way up into their sinuses.

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NEED HELP WITH AN INFANTS HEALTH, PLEASE CAN SOME ONE HELP, I ASKED IN NEWBORN BABY AND NO ONE KNEW? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:53:33 +0000 admin Question by young mother:
need help with an infants health, please can some one help, i asked in newborn baby and no one knew?

my 7 month old has stoped eatin soild foods a while ago, i dont know why, and now she wakes up each hour to two hours at night, wont take naps and has always been a happy baby, but now i cant seem to get her to stop crying.
she has teeth, and wasent even this bad with teething, i just want my munchkin to be happy agian, does any one know what it might be, or how to help?
she is breast feedand she has had diarrea yesterday and today, and had a fever last night, but not today


Answer by skinemini
Might be ideal to take her to the pediatrician.

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BABY HAD A TEETHING FEVER AND NOW CROSSEYED? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 08:35:19 +0000 admin Question by Bree:
baby had a teething fever and now crosseyed?

My 16 month old baby just had a fever 105(rectal) we brought it down with tylenol and a cool shower and we were thinking it was her teeth cause 4 new lil teethes came in…well right after the fever she started to look cross eyed. Can someone tell us why this has happened or direct us to a web link?

were taking her to the physicians first thing monday.
The fever is gone now and it has been a day. Both eyes are not crossed, only 1 is going inwards on occasions.


Answer by snowwillow20
Take her to the ER. You cannot mess around with a fever.

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