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Question by mtk0519:
Does my son’s symptoms sound like Asperger’s Syndrome?

My son is 6 years old. He is had 2 brain tumors removed within the past year. He has coordination issues along with some mental issues as well. We believed the issues stemmed from the tumor and PTSD from surgeries and all else that he had been through. Now, the more I am looking into Asperger’s, the more it seems like this is what he is suffering from. First, he is a very articulate 6 year old. He is been called “genius” and “wise beyond his years” for as long as I can remember. He is very very smart. He also gets hung up on certain things as well. Like right now, he is hung up on school. We play school each night. He has charts, tickets for good behavior, school work, etc. It’s a huge deal to him if we miss a night He likes to sit and speak with adults vs. children. He cannot catch a ball or throw a ball very well. When we go to a playground, he doesn’t really play on the equipment. When we need to go to the store or church, he always puts up a huge fight unless it’s for something he wants to do. We always thought he was just being stubborn and never really thought it might be something more. He is very shy when around massive groups and when he sees his “friends” from school in public, he tends to put his head down and not state anything. His coordination problems were thought to be from from the tumor (in cerebellum) but it just doesn’t seem to be improving. His motor skills were delayed when he was an infant as well and there is no way to tell if the tumor affected him then or not. His occupational therapist told us that she thought he had some signs of Asperger’s and so does his mental therapist. Now, I am in sit and wait mode until I get a referral to the right doctors. I was just curious if anyone had experience with Asperger’s and if my son’s symptoms were enough to state he does have it and what can we do to help the issue. Thanks for your time.


Answer by Adam
That sounds like Asperger’s to me. I was briefly diagnosed with it but i grew out of the symptoms. You might want to take him to see a specialist in the field, but i’m sure they had agree. he has all the signs of it. it’s not necessarily a bad thing, either.

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DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WITH ASPERGER SYNDROME? Thu, 11 Nov 2010 14:34:23 +0000 admin Question by Jane Adams:
Do you know anyone with Asperger syndrome?

A health care “professional” recently diagnosed my sister with Asperger syndrome. I am doubting this because when she was of school age she was the teacher’s pet because she was advanced in academics, she had plenty of friends and related to other kids and adults very well. Things changed however when she developed a seizure disorder as a young teenager. She was taken out of school and was not permitted to have a social life partly because of her illness and the way things were handled by parents. In her late teens and early 20′s she had some “sauces” with friendships and a work life, but for the past 20 or so years she has been sheltered. Now unable to work and in someones care who really doesn’t know her history, she has been given this diagnoses. I just do not think she has this because I thought it was something you got as an infant our very young child. Would you share your experience/story?


Answer by James Kase
From what you have written I would be inclined to concur with you that her behavior is a result of her circumstances and not Asperger’s.

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DOES ANYONE THINK ALL THIS POLITICAL CORRECTNESS HAS GOTTEN OUT OF HAND? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:49:15 +0000 admin Question by Dustin R.:
Does anyone think all this political correctness has gotten out of hand?

I remember when Michael Richards had a meltdown on stage a couple of years ago. What he did was wrong, and he apologized. However, I hear Monique making racist comments all the time, but I never see anyone rake her over the coals. I have met more racist black people in my life than I have white people. You would not believe how many times I was called a “honky” or a “cracker” by them. Yet if I used the N-word, I’d be getting lectured by the ACLU. I once dated a Japanese girl when I was in the service. Her parents ostracized me and referred to me as a “gaijin.” Because I was not Japanese, I was not worthy of marrying her daughter. Earlier this evening I explained that I have to ask for an equal amount of men and women in the surveys I do for my telephone survey job. Naturally, women cooperate more. When I get the maximum number of females, I am instructed to ask for the men. A lot of these women get offended when I ask for the man of the house. Others even claim they are the man of the house. They think I cannot tell the difference between a man’s voice and a woman’s voice. A few of them even tried giving me a lecture. Here is another scenario. I was raised by a single mom, so I have all the respect in the world for them. Two years ago, I was invited to a Christmas celebration by an elder black lady. Her daughter was in her early 20′s, and she had just had a newborn baby. My curiosity got the ideal of me, and I asked where the dad was. After all, this is a easy question, and it’s kind of hard to ignore it. They all told me that the mom was the father. After that, I brushed it off because I figured it was a touchy subject. I am not stupid; I know how babies are conceived. I was not criticizing this woman for having a bastard child; I asked the same question I envision this kid will when he grows up. So because I ask this question, I am a male chauvinist all of a sudden. Because I think the Monique is racist, and the Reginald Denny beating in the L.A. riots was a hate crime, I am now a damn racist cracker. At least that is what it seems. This might come as a shock to you, but I do not feel guilty about being white or male. I have tried diligently to be color-blind, but it’s kind of hard to be sometimes when these socioeconomic problems are right in front of our faces. I have a mild form of autism known as Asperger’s Syndrome. I have been discriminated against for that. Why did not the media crucify Denis Leary or Michael Savage for their inflammatory remarks about autism? Where is my affirmative action? Why do not I have some obnoxious loudmouth like Jesse Jackson singing his heart out for me? Instead we have got Jenny McCarthy going around giving parents false hope claiming her son is “cured.” Plus, several parents are now terrified of getting their children vaccinated because they are convinced their children will be autistic. There is even a group called Autism Talks that wants us exterminated from the gene pool.


Answer by doinou
After the blatant racism by Obama and his supporters, political correctness is a thing of the past.

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COULD I HAVE THE ASPERGER SYNDROME??? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:47:31 +0000 admin Question by PurrrVert:
Could I have the asperger syndrome???

I’m 14,and I have read about the asperger syndrome and its symptoms and I found myself thinking “I do some of that stuff!”

*I have a way I do things and I want to do it that way no matter what,and I get pissed off if I don’t

*I am really good at personal and foreign languages,but that not good at any other subjects

*I have a pretty awkward posture while sitting/sleeping etc.

*I get “lost in my own wolrd” really often and have a difficulty paying attention sometimes

*I get obssesed about things I like and I could speak about them for hours!

*I kind of have a stimming habit,which is sticking my thumb in my mouth,not like sucking it as a baby,but more like biting the edge of my thumb…I usually do it while thinking,or making a decision,I find it pretty relaxing…

I have no particular problem in being social though…I have a lot of friends and I like chit chatting!

So,could I be half “Aspie” or something like that???Please,give me some serious answers!

Thanks in advance,
Yeah,I’ve done these tests and 1 more and they have all shown I could have it…


Answer by Anniekd
I’d state no, you do not fit all of the requirements. Having personal idiosyncrasies is normal, even if a lot of them point to one thing. The thing is, not all of them do. The social aspect of Asberger’s the most prominant aspect to me.

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Would having Brain operations be on way to something of myself (and would it cure Asperger’s Syndrome)?

I am 18 years old living w/ Asperger’s Syndrome. Asperger’s Syndrome is a serious mental disorder and mild form of Autism and Hyperactivity Disorder. I have been diagnosed since I was 3. I am a Senior and Special Education student at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School. In life, I am constantly sensitive to certain noises and I can’t stand to hear the sound of crying, especially babies who cry. I am questioning myself whether or not the sensitivity would continue on when I reach adulthood. I am unable to go to certain places I am uncomfortable with going to. I get nervous whenever we go to certain places (not each place), including the airport. I really want to take a chance to change a part of myself, so my Asperger’s Syndrome would go away, and my intelligence and memories would stay within me. It would be a perfect achievement, and it would cure Asperger’s Syndrome. I do not want to be a constant special ed human being, ’cause all I want to do is change in life.


Answer by Edwin
Everyone wants to change something about themselves.
Take an empty room, one without furniture, perhaps an empty building would be better. Now take a seat and sit in the middle of the quiet desolate room. Envision the rest of the wold have been nuked and there is nothing but you.

Now, is the time to decide if you have problems with yourself, or…. Is your problem,, well,,, outside?

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WHERE CAN I FIND A HUNGARIAN BOOK ABOUT AUTISM/ASPERGER’S SYNDROME? Thu, 21 Oct 2010 18:33:21 +0000 admin Question by catt2you:
Where can I find a Hungarian book about Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome?

My nearly 3 year old son is being tested for autism/asperger’s syndrome and I am tryin to explain it to his great-grandparents, who baby sit him. They do not comprehend because they only talk Hungarian and I cannot translate very well from English medical terms to Hungarian. We live in Ontario, Canada and I do not have much money to spend.
Any help would be great.


Answer by bostonsoxgirl04
I would recommend either Barnes and Noble or your local bookstore. You can also look online. I have a sister who has Asperger’s and if I can give advice it would be not to make your son feel that he is any different than any other child. Also check into your local mental health or pediatric center and see if there is a group for kids of your age or your sons age that can help him and you deal with this issue. In my opinon I have seen great results with my sister. Good luck!

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ASPERGER SYNDROME OR NOT? Thu, 30 Sep 2010 22:39:46 +0000 admin Question by good4life:
asperger syndrome or not?

My son has banged his head while going to sleep ever since I can remember. I remember him doing it as soon as he could lift his tiny newborn head!
Now he is four and he still is doing it. He also has problems with his ears. We have had his ENT put ear tubes in both of his ears. They still drain like crazy….then it started to have a foul smell. I took him to his physician and they gave him a different antibiodic. It always seems to work for about 1 month and the symptoms come back.
The reason I mention asperger syndrom is because he has a hard time relating with other…even family member who are around him all the time. When I am speaking to him….he will out of the blue just say”mom, will you get out of my room now?” And I am just trying to spend quality time with him.
He has a tremendous time sharing…and another thing is that when I speak to him, he doesn’t give me an answer that remotely comes close to matching what I said. I have asked him if he is hungry and he will respond with” yeah…I want to take a bath!” I do not think he hears me or maybe he has an audio processing disorder. I have had him evaluated for behavior issues and they state he is smart…but I am worried about what else this could be. He seems to have the symptoms as a child with asperger syndrom.


Answer by keshequa87
I’ve been having some concerns about my son and have done some research lately as a result. It sounds to me like you have plenty of reasons to have him professionally evaluated. One of the things suggested each where I look is intervention as early as possible. Ideal wishes!

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can shaken baby syndrome cause behavioral/emotional problems that can easily be diagnosed as something else?

I cannot seem to find much on google and I wondered if anyone could tell me. I know a child, now 12, who might have been shaken as a baby but was never diagnosed. He came from an abusive household and I just wondered if anyone knew whether SBS could cause latent effects such as emotional/behavioral issues that could be diagnosed as Asperger’s or something of the like.


Answer by Allen B
No, if that was the case each parent of a child with mental health problems would be looking for someone to blame [human nature]
It could however cause brain damage but shaking that hard would cause life threatening injuries which the child would be unlikely to survive without prompt medical intervention.

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I’M GOING TO BE BABY-SITTING A A TEN YEAR OLD BOY WITH ASPERGER’S SYNDROME. ANY TIPS/SUGGESTIONS? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 06:35:01 +0000 admin Question by wookiee lover:
I’m going to be baby-sitting a a ten year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome. Any tips/suggestions?


Answer by LDawnZ
my first recommendation is any precieved notion about asperger’s you have forget it. Treat him as an individual like he is. find out what he is intrerested in so you can bring stuff to do as activities with him.

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DUSTBIN BABY ASPERGER SYNDROME? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 06:33:13 +0000 admin Question by caz:
dustbin baby Asperger syndrome?

hi all,

here the link for the flim dustbin baby and there are a the flim with Asperger syndrome

so does the character in the book have Asperger syndrome as well,??


Answer by Lemon

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