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Question by E Dawg:
newborn feeding problems?

my tiny one and I was not discharged from the hospital at the same time due to the fact that she was jaundiced from her being exposed to my blood at birth. she latched on well in the beginning, then for the next few nights after I was released she was put on formula because the didnt want her to get dehydrated from the UV lights she had to lay under. I would go to the hospital for a few feedings the couple nights she was away. but I was not there constantly and the formula caused some nipple confusion. now she is home… and shes all of a sudden not taking to the breast well at all. I am finally engorged as the milk is now flowing in instead of colostrum. is my engorement causing a problem maybe? I will keep trying, is there any recommendations for this?


Answer by Lauren Hedger
The engorement could most definitely be a factor. When your breasts are engorged it makes it more difficult for them to latch on. Try standing in a warm shower to get your milk to come down and express some milk to make it easier for baby to latch on.

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UPDATE ON PROBLEMS FEEDING INFANT.? Wed, 10 Nov 2010 18:47:37 +0000 admin Question by kmangel17:
Update on Problems feeding infant.?

Let me explain: I have done my reading on introducing baby food and what the signs are as to whether or not the infant is ready.

Let me clarify, I am not putting cereal in her bottle, you are not suppose do that (according to my Dr.), I am trying to spoon feed her. And when I do bottle feed her formula I hold the bottle, that is common sense.

Also, she does fine with the cereal sometimes, and other times she just spits it out (sorry I did not clarify in the 1st question). I was just wondering if other moms had problems at first when introducing cereal.

She sees her Dr. next Wed. and I will be discussing the same things so I will update after that appointment.

Thanks you the replies so far!


Answer by happy_wifey
I did not see your first question..however…babies spitting their cereal out is very common….it’s a good sign that she doesn’t want it.. Not uncommon when they are first introduced. Hang in there!!

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BABIES SLEEPING, FEEDING OF BREAST MILK AND CRYING PROBLEMS.? Fri, 29 Oct 2010 07:53:18 +0000 admin Question by melissa.elle:
Babies sleeping, feeding of breast milk and crying problems.?

I just gave birth a week ago, to three tiny girl triplets called Amanda, Susanna and Lily. They are beautiful tiny girls and will be raised by me and my new husband Andrew. We had been friends since we were in utero and when we were 3, he stated he loved me and gave me a flower and a kiss. When my ex-husband Ben left me during my pregnancy, we started going out and he stated to me that he had always loved me and promised that before the babies were born, they would have a father. Then he proposed and we had a small wedding. He has been the ideal help to me during labour. Now, to the point! My babies have so many problems trying to get to sleep. Right now is about the only time all three are sleeping. They wake up each morning at 3:00 am and they begin crying. They are really happy babies though. I think that my breasts are going to run out of milk!!!! Each 2 hours I am feeding one at a time. Some times I have one baby on one nipple each and then one waiting if they are not as hungry. I have tried a breast pump but I do not really like it even though it helps. They are beautiful identical triplets!!!!!!!!!!! Please, what should I do!


Answer by #1 on the way
they are only a week old. My midwife stated last week not to anticipate any sort of routine or normalcy from a new born for the first month or three.

So, sorry to say, for now you are just going to have to be milk on tap :S

If you find that you really cannot cope with feeding all three all the time, perhaps switch one or two feeds (particularly night feeds) to a formula feed instead? I have heard it can help them sleep better.

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NEWBORN FEEDING PROBLEMS? Fri, 20 Aug 2010 08:35:16 +0000 admin Question by curiousgirl:
Newborn Feeding Problems?

My baby is 15 days old. She is suffering from nipple confusion. I just started (yesterday) banishing bottles and trying to exclusively just breastfeed her. She will latch on for a bit then will fall asleep. I cannot wake her up. So when I am about to put her down to bed, she will keep crying because of hunger since she slept through the feeding and we have to do the whole process again and again.
She is not getting her sleep too, just around a 5-10mins and will wake up hungry and crying again.
1. How long will it take to bring her back to breastfeeding?
2. Since she was used to huge amounts of formula, and is not getting satisfied with breastfeeding, what should I do? I really do not wanna give bottles anymore?
3. How can I prevent her from falling asleep? If she would just be awake the whole feeding, I am sure she will get full sooner or later since I have good milk supply.

Thanks in advance everyone…


Answer by Kylie B
i breast and bottle feed , my son never had nipple confusion , but he did tend to fall asleep in the firest few weeks of his life while he was feeding .
the nurses at hospital told me to undress him to just his diaper and it should keep him away .. and if he looks likes he dosing of then tickle his feet .
it worked
just keep breastfeeding and she will relise that the bottle id gone and this is what shes getting . it will build up a larger supply and as she gets older she will be able to drink more in one time
her tummy if no larger then a golf ball

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