Question by leigh_ann_27:
Couple of Newborn Basic Questions?

Im a new mother, baby girl is 5 days old. I have a couple of new mommy questions
1. right now she is sleeping with me and my husband, which is fine for NOW, but when should she be sleeping in her crib? During the day I do put her in her crib so she can get used to it, but at night time she wants nothing to do with it. I have a night light in her room so it is not pitch dark..I just do not her to get to used to sleeping with us. Any Tips?
2. I am bottle feeding and I have the formula where you do not need to add water. Can she drink it cold or do I need to warm it up? Is powerder superior or liquid??
3. Do you know any good bottles? I have had problems with bottles, she would suck and suck and nothing would come out and by the time something would she exhausted of sucking and her little tummy was full of air. I tried the Playtex VentAir and no no. Right now im using the I think Playtex DropIns? Its seems to working good but if anyone nows of a REALLY good bottle i would love to try them.


Answer by Livin On A Prayer
1. I do not concur with letting her sleep with you at all. That’s even worse then letting her sleep alone in a crib at this age. You could roll over on her and suffocate her or she could get smothered in the sheets, pillow or even a blanket. Put her in a bassinet and move her to a crib when she outgrows the bassinet.

2. Warm it up. A warm bottle with not only soothe her, but it is just plain superior than a cold bottle in my opinion. I do not like to eat cold food, and she probably doesn’t like to either.

3. You juse have to try them all out because all children are different. The drop in kind are good because they have less air in them which will lower her chance of getting gassy and will be superior for her stomach. If I had to recommend one it would be the Playtex VentAire Wide Bottle.

Answer by blue_bee
I had my son sleep in our bed until he was six weeks old. When they’re that young, they need the security of mother near by. Especially if she’s only a couple of days old. She gets comfort by smelling you and hearing your heart and breathing at night…she’s slept to the sound for the past 9 months!
I can’t offer any advice on the formula, but when we gave our son bottled breast milk, we used AVENT bottles and never had any problems. Once the baby is older, they can have adapters that change them into sippy cups. We love them. If she’s really sucking and not getting anything, you may also want to try a bigger size on the nipple.

Answer by Kerrie T
Ok PLEASE DO NOT LET HER SLEEP WITH YOU!!!!!I can suficat herok and you are fine with that bottle but I think that pwder is superior liquid is to strong for her tummy and use worm water not cold.cold you will think it is nuts but it will make them sick.there is a bottle out there but I can’t remember it it is Dr somthing it is really expesive it is like 45 dollors and that is not a ly I bought one.

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