Question by s s:
where can i buy only measles vaccine for my baby?

my baby is 9 months old , i want to travel India- .
i have to give him measles vaccine. but only MMR shots available in market.
were can i by only measles, i wish to avounnecessaryary shots till he is a year old.
can i give only measles shot in India? how imporant it is to give the shot or can i just skip it till 15 months?


Answer by Earth Mama
From what I understand, Merck is no longer selling the individual vaccines. And, I think your baby is WAY too young to receive the MMR shot. It can be quite dangerous, actually, as even 15 month olds can have reactions to this vaccine. I am delaying my son’s MMR as long as possible. We are planning to travel to India too, I am not sure what kind of risk is involved if we choose to NOT get the shot. We were planning on delaying those shots until he is about 4 or 5.

Answer by Open Mouth Insert Boob
You want to ask your physician (baby’s doctor) for the “monovalent measles vaccine”. That is the measles vaccine without the vaccine for mumps and rubella in it.
It might me a little hard to find, but your physician should be able to find it for you.

Answer by Lisa K
Not in the US. It is perfectly acceptable to give him the MMR as young as 6 months if he is at high risk of exposure, which he may be if he is traveling to India. MMR is routinely given earlier than 12 months in many countries, because of the higher risk of infection there. The concern is not of safety, but of the possibility of less effectiveness in a younger than 12 month old, as infants have some antibodies from the mom that go away during the first year. In the US it is also given earlier than 12 months if a baby is at higher risk.

You did not say when you are going and for how long. It takes 2-3 weeks to build up immunity so if you are planning on getting it there, he will still be at risk for the first several weeks.

The other option is to ask your physician about immune globulin, even though a fairly massive dose is needed to protect against measles (this will give him immunity against hepatitis A as well and he is definitely too young for that vaccine).

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