Question by Momuvtwinboyzn1babygirl:
Which automobile seat would you buy for a 9 month old who has outgrown her infant automobile seat?

And why? Do you have either of these? If so, what do you think about them?

I am having such a problem choosing. My main concern of course is safety and then would be comfort.


Answer by Lilly V
I do not have any of them. Both of my daughters 14 monthd and 29 months are in Britax Decathlon automobile seats, high-priced but I think worth it.

Out of all of those, I would say the Alpha Omega Elite. That seat has been around for a while in many versions. It seems to be a standard and it there was a problem with it I think it would not have lasted this long. My 11 year old son was in one as a toddler. I would go with that one.

Answer by Niki
I would get the third one… it has more stars on toysrus.

Answer by *2 more weeks*
I like the first and second ones…. I dont have a child of my own (yet) as my son is due at the end of this month.. but I have already gotten him an older-child carseat because there was a huge sale going on. I have this one: and I have been really happy with it. Two of my friends children (one 13 months, one 20 months) have used it already and BOTH children fell asleep on their short rides home (which im guessing means its very comfy!! lol)
I like your first couple choices but my advice to you is to probably stray away from the last choice, the last link you posted. It doesn’t look like it has much padding and might not be that safe, and it’s cheaper than the others which is a good thing money-wise but your daughter is gonna use it for about 3 years so i’d say its okay to splurge a little bit!
Good luck =)

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