Question by Alana 5/20/09 & Caleb 4/18/10:
I need decorating ideas for our baby nursery!?

We just found out we are having a girl and we are very excited. We unfortunately live in an apartment for the time being and can’t paint, phooey. But I know that we can be creative and think of other ways to decorate and make her room cute! First of all the colors are pink and brown. So far I have come up with a very adorable crib set that is pink and brown and we’re going to get a bookshelf paint it all pink and paint the shelves brown. I am also going to get wooden letters that spell out her name (ALANA) and paint them brown, drill a hole at the top, then hang them from the wall with pink ribbon. What are some other adorable ways we can decorate the room that I have not though of? Thank you for your help!
Just remember this is an apartment so I can’t drill holes for shelves or curtains or damage the walls at all. Thanks for the answers so far.


Answer by kay101
you can get simple to get off wall paper decorations! you can get them in any color…my friend has them in her room…in pink…and they come off soooooooooooooo easily! she even showed me!

Answer by Henna A
Baby Nursery Themes

The following are some fun baby nursery themes for a baby girl:

* sugar and spice: Butterflies and flowers are the stars of this baby nursery idea! Stencil flowers, vines and butterflies on the walls of your baby’s nursery to create a whimsical touch. Soft airy curtains and matching baby nursery bedding round out this look.
* stars: Create a star ceiling by using star-shaped rubber stamps or star-shaped sponges and dipping them into paint. You can also create a star border using this method. A star quilt and rug finish off this baby nursery theme, which also works well for a baby boy’s nursery.
* flower power: This retro-themed baby nursery is created by using lime greens, bright yellows, oranges and pinks. Look for baby nursery bedding in this color, as well as ruffled, lacy window treatments.
* storybook characters: decorating a princess room is simple with baby nursery themes like Barbie or the Little Mermaid. Look for character lamps, bedding and blankets. You can also get creative and add a mural of the character of your choice on the nursery wall.
* angels, fairies and elves: create this baby nursery idea by painting a sky and clouds on the ceiling and adding stencils of silver magic dust along the walls as a border. Using soft and icy lavenders, blues and pinks is just right for this look, which can also help to promote a calm feeling for your baby’s nursery, like Feng Shui.
* baby’s name: displaying your baby’s name is another one-of-a-kind baby nursery decorating idea that features a personalized touch. Hang letters of your baby’s name up on a wall: some popular choices include using wooden letters, ceramic tile or fabric letters. You can also stencil your baby’s name in green, purple or blue letters.

Whatever baby nursery theme or look you choose, remember that baby safety at home is what’s most important. By ensuring that your baby’s nursery is safe and fun, baby is certain to love her first room.

Answer by chrysie
you can always get wall paper and tack it to the wall! and, cover the rocker, and make curtains in the same material as the bedding! you can even fold the material and use it as wall paper also!

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