Question by MARi:
Newborn questions? about feeding, and burping..?

My newborn is now a week and 4 days old.. He doesn’t like to breastfeed because he was in the NICU after he was born so he likes the bottle superior since it’s faster. But now that I am trying to breastfeed and make more milk he doesn’t want to, he latches on pretty well but doesn’t suck or want to wait for the milk to come out.. he doesn’t know that if he sucks he’ll get milk.. he’s still young enough to learn.. How did you get your newborn to breastfeed?? I need help.. I have already asked nurses, and lactation’s.. we’ve tried all 4 breastfeeding positions, pillows, the nipple cover thing seemed to work but still he was not getting milk out so he gave up n cried for the bottle.. I need help :( any advice?? Also is my newborn eating too much? He eats a full bottle, the hospital bottles 2oz.. or if he;s really hungry he’ll eat 3 oz.. sometimes 3n half… He was born at 6lbs 6oz…
and since`he eats a lot, i do not know if I am really done burping him or not, because he does burp pretty quick. then gets the hiccups sometimes….
(IK do pump, but sometimes not much comes out since I am not breastfeeding much)..


Answer by Marissa C
Why not try pumping your milk and giving it to him in a bottle?

I’d say anywhere from 2-3 oz. per feeding is about normal for a baby that age. Babies do not really overeat, overeating is something that is learned, not something that humans do naturally.

If he burps quickly, just keep patting him for another minute or so to make sure he’s done. Babies get the hiccups, not a big deal.

Answer by ~JaysWifey~
Buy a SNS supplemental nursing system. A little tube connects to your breast. When Baby nurses he will get milk and the nursing will increase your milk :) Feed very often. Do you get a let down with the breast pump? Maybe try nursing after pumping for a minute? That way he will get milk.

Nurse nurse nurse and pump!!

Also try fenugreek it will increase your supply!

Good luck!

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