Question by Skelzy:
1st time Mommy of Premie twins needs some advice?

Hi everyone
I am new to this section, I am a current graduate from the pregnancy section.
On 11-18 I became a 1st time mother to twin girls. I was induced at 34 weeks. I had some problems. I was not gaining weight and since I was tiny in size the girls were running out of room and Baby “A” was having trouble with blood flow and growing. For the safety and well being of everyone involved they induced me. I was monitored very closely when it all started so there was a plan in effect and every effort was made to make sure for a safe delivery. My girls were born healthy, but tiny premies. Baby A at birth was 3lbs 3 oz and Baby B was 3lbs 8 oz. Both close to 5 lbs now!! = )
Having twins is alittle overwhelming to me. I am a very busy person and have big sleep deprivation!!. lol Its all good though.
Since I am a 1st time mother I have some questions and I figured this would be the right place for me to come.
My one daughter has reflux aka colic. Its horrible. I was thinking of getting a bouncy or a swing. Since they are small can they use either of them?
Trying to think of something I can put one of them in while I am tending to the other or even to soothe colic.
Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated.
Before someone tells me to get a book, I have read books and checked out websites, would just like some input or help from mother’s or dad’s.


Answer by threenorns
i know you’ve got a lot on your plate – but for my money, the answer to a lot of problems is breastfeeding. are you breastfeeding? it helps ease both reflux and colic – breast milk contains stem cells and other components which are used to swiftly soothe and heal the GI tract in cases of reflux and gastroenteritis. pumping would be a good way to go and the ideal part is, you will not be shelling out a small fortune in formula.

what about a baby sling or wrap? there’s ways to wear twins simultaneously or you can just wear the baby that needs soothing. you’ll have full mobility to tend to your other baby and the rest of your daily activities. i’ve even worn my baby in the shower (i put a big bib over her head so water did not get onto her face because she was only newborn at the time).

here’s the wiki on babywearing:

benefits include reduced instance of baby flathead (caused by being left in a baby seat or automobile seat for too long which reduces mobility and affects muscle development in the upper torso); improved weight gain in small or premature babies; and early independence for the baby.

Answer by Jennifer H
Wow twins! I couldn’t;t imagine! My son is 7months old. He was colic! It was a very rough time! And that was just with one of them! What helped me was I bought a baby carrier so i could hold him and still get stuff done and the movement helped him a lot. Swings are very helpful! as are bouncy chairs. I have both. I tried all baby safe meds for this. Even doc prescribed ones. NOTHING helped. My girlfriend actually advocate this stuff to me called Colic Calm. Check it out online. Its like 20 dollars a bottle (2 oz) you can give it to them a few times a day. (Which in the beginning i did, but then you just wont need to) Its an all natural product. Safe, and works miracles! Hang in there!! My son finally out grew it about 5 months old! Now he’s pretty much a happy baby! Also, try soothing music. My son really liked country ( i was never a big fan) but i think it had something to do with the mello ness of the songs. and a Noise maker helped us too. Just know your not alone! And stay strong. It does get fusterating at times so just make sure you find some time for you. Like when your husband gets home. the criing gets to be a lot! My son would cry for 8 hours straight some days!

Answer by l1l_m1ss_biotch69
You can try either of those they should work, when i had my son who is 16 months old now he loved to be in both of them which helped i mean i could put him in either of them and i could still get things done either shower or home work and sometimes he would end up falling asleep in it

I’d say try either of them it would not hurt i mean you could always get both and that way you would have something for them both so you could get things done that you need to get done

congrats and good luck to you!!

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