Question by Eric W:
mom and baby now with a outtie ( Umbilical Hernias )? Need help and advice.?

My wife and our 4th child. But this time it was in Arizona. And this was the worst time she has ever had with any of the girls… It was a C-section and she was not given enough Anastassia. But to make a long story short and to the main question… My daughter was born with an outtey belly button and for some reason my wife now has one… Now that other day she went in to see about a UTI and the DR told her that it looks like she has a Umbilical Hernias. Why there hell would none of the other DR’s have said anything since baby amber was born 8 months ago? Right now I have a real hate and bitterness to the medical filed in Arizona. Now I am thinking that my baby’s outtie belly button is a Umbilical Hernias. I have read that it can heal by the time she is 4 years old. But what if it dont. And now mother has it also. I wish this were the 40′s and 50′s, So I could really take to these DR’s out here, the way men did back then!!!!!. Instead I have to think LEAGELY. I think I am going to call a Lawyer. I dont know. Dont ever move to Arizona. A Right to Work Say gets what they are payed for. I feel like driving my entire fam over to LomaLinda Hospital have getting there input. Al least there they are known for there child births and research. Now with my wife… The DR. told her that it looks like it has almost healed that way. But is anything ever going to go wrong with it as she gets older???? And what if we ever have anther kid… Is her Umbilical Hernias going to cause a problem with the Umbilical cord?!?!?! PLEASE HELP I need a reason to either calm down or call a layer


Answer by **mum to a little miracle**
hi there my 9 month son had 3 hernias 2 in his groin and an umbilical hernia. he had the 2 in his groin fixed through surgery. but with his umbilical hernia i just taped a coin over it to push it back in(doctors orders) and it went away after about 3 weeks. umbilical hernias are not that bad as long as they do not get strangled. they rarely need surgery. just make sure you can pop it back in. also when your daughter cries it will get bigger. i recommend taping a coin over both there hernias. i works!! ideal of luck

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