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2 questions. 1.) What position is your baby in when they give him/her immunizations? 2.) Pain management use?

1.) I came across an article this day on ( ) and the picture of the baby being injected is on his/her stomach. All of my daughter’s immunizations have been given while she was lying on her back on the exam table. I think it might have been easier on her if they had given me the opportunity to lay her on her stomach because she would not see what was happening. BTW, I tried to have her given the shots while my she was nursing but the nurse told me that the office policy was that the baby had to be on the exam table, for safety reasons. (That was just one more thing that really turned me off to that doctor.) My daughter is on an substitute immunization schedule so she only received the 4 main infant vaccines thus far. I chose to do only 2 at a time so maybe the nurse thought since it was only 2 it would be easiest to just have her laying on her back, I do not know. My daughter is now 15 months old and I have since changed Peds (for numerous reasons) however she hasn’t had any more shots since we switched so I do not know if this new office does it the same way and I have not thought to ask yet. So what position does your Ped/nurse put your baby in when they give the immunizations? On tummy? On back? Seated? Do they grant you to nurse during the shot or only afterward?

2.) Also, have you ever used any pain management techniques? I know there is a cream called EMLA ( ) which is basically Lidocaine and another topical that numbs the area where the shot will be given. I have not used it yet but I am considering it. Has anyone else used this or another method for pain management for their child? I know it can also be used before a circumcism so the newborn doesn’t feel the pain of the cutting.

Thanks in advance for your answers!
Yes, Avary’s a little toughie too. She screams when they first do the injection but I pick her right up and she’s fine. I just do not want her associating the doctor’s office with all negative thoughts. I know even pets that get shots at the vet get so worked up and scared when they know they are going to the vet. My cat starts meowing so loud as soon as we get to the door. He knows what’s coming. EVen if it’s not a shot visit, he freaks out. I just do not want Avary to have that anxiety whenever we have to go to the ped.

Thanks for all the great answers!


Answer by ♥Ava’s Mommy♥
I have never even thought of the idea of nursing while given the shot. I would think that your daughter would not want to nurse after because of her associating the pain with the nursing since it is happening at the same time. However, I could be completely wrong.

The first few times Ava had her immunizations she was put on her back on the examination table. At her last appointment (12m) I had to hold her because she was so hysterical. My physician had no problem with her being seated on my lap while doing so.

Personally, I think it should be your choice and whatever is more comfortable for your baby at the time.

As far as pain management, I give Ava a dose of Tylenol before she goes in and that usually helps.

Good Luck!

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