Question by YummyYummy:
What can happen to my baby if i have anemia?

i’m 31 weeks pregnant and my doc told me i had anemia. so they gave me iron capsules to drink.
and she told me that if it do not get superior i might have a blood transfusion. but i was wondering what can happen to my baby.


Answer by its a boy!! 28 days to go
being anemic wont effect your baby so dont worry, its just a concern when the mom is anemic as you have prob realsied it can make you very exhausted and sluggish, also they like your iron levels to be above 10.6 as it can be dangerous for mum when in labour with a risk of heavy bleeding. they will only give you a tranfusion if tablets cant bring the levels up first. dont worry about baby he/she is getting all there iron from you.

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