Question by Nurse Autumn Intactivist NFP:
This is a question for the Pro-Routine Infant Circumcision crowd?

Why should it be the parents choice to decide whether or not the child will be circumcised rather than the owner of the penis (the child)? Even if there really were medical benefits (I do not believe there are), circumcision is not a medically pressing issue. There is no reason to have it done now, rather then when the child is old enough to make the decision for himself.

#1- Infants are not sexually active, so there are no worries about STD’s

#2- Even though the studies in Africa are flawed, even the researchers said that circumcision did *not* reduce HIV risk after 2 years post circ. As we all know, infants are not at risk of contracting HIV via the penis.

#3- It is easier for the parents to care for an intact penis because the foreskin is fused to the head of the penis. No special care is required until the foreskin becomes retractable, in which case, the boy is old enough to care for it himself.

#4- It actually hurts LESS to be circ’ed as an adult, because they can give sufficient numbing, and even general anesthesia if so desired. Also, they can send them home with powerful pain killers for the post-op recovery period. Not to mention, the man has a choice in his circ status.

#5- Even though UTI’s are rare in boys, they are not that bad. (I just had one myself a few weeks ago) Infact, they are 8 times more common in females, yet we do not amputate parts of their genitals. We give them antibiotics and they are fine.

#6- They will not be made fun of in school, the circ rate in America is about 50%, so this generation will have an entirely different view of circumcision.
Noah’s Mommy- I WAS just asking a question. These are the facts, and the facts are, that yu have violated your sons human rights. You in NO WAY answered the question, thus showing that you have nothing to say in defense. You are giulty and you know it, you just dont want to admit it.
Stef- yes, I am pro-choice. I also vaccinate my son. I am not taking away anything that belongs to him. Vaccines simply stimulate the immune system. There are also real benefits from vaccinating
Kisses come in fives- again, because it is not your penis to decide to amputate part of. Discipline methods are different. They are not permanatly altering a part of the body nor do they make the sex life less enjoyable for both partners.

Are you ok with people circumcising their daughters? After all, it is THEIR daughter. What about tattooing their 4 month old?


Answer by Lisa
I absolutely concur with you. There is no way i would circumcise a son if i ever have one. Thankfully my current bf is not circumcised, so i’m sure it’d be easier to convince him not to circumcise a child then a guy who is circumcised.

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