Question by SHEMH:
Breastfeeding moms, is it ok to not burp baby after feeding him/her at night time?

I am breastfeeding my 7-week old son and I do the “lying-down” position so he sleeps continuously. If I would have to carry him to burp him, he would be wake up and I had to put him to sleep again. What are the consequences of not burping him after feeding during sleeping time?


Answer by Leah
What goes in, must come out. Since babies do not naturally burp and fart like us, it can make your baby extremely uncomfortable. Gas pains in a baby is painful :(

Answer by tamara m
Burping is a bottle feeding practice- breastfed babies do not need to be burped after a feed unless they are in obvious discomfort. I never bothered with it personally and my son is not any the worse for it!
If he’s asleep he doesn’t need burping, a breastfed baby that needs burping will not sleep.

Answer by cathrl69
The consequences depend on your baby. I had two babies who I did not burp because they hated it and were not any more uncomfortable whether I did it or not.

Try. If he wakes up ten minutes later with wind, you’ll know he needs burping.

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