Question by meganmobster19:
Newborn cosleeping vs cribs?

I’m 38w with my first and my husband and I are determined to start him off in a crib right away. I am just wondering how many people did this instead of cosleeping. How long did it take your little one to adjust? I know all babies are different, just looking for some ideas on what to expect.
His crib is going to be in our room as we are in a one bedroom. I have a job set up working from home after bub is here. So our plan is to figure out our budget with bub and us both working. We plan to move to a two bedroom within 6months to a year.
We will be letting him get use to falling asleep without in the room.


Answer by artislife51524
For feeding in the middle of the night it’s more convenient to have the baby in a bassinet in your bedroom. Do not EVER sleep with a baby. Thousands of babies are suffocated this way every year and I unfortunately have personally seen this many times in my line of work. If you choose to put the baby in the nursery be prepared to get up and walk to get he or she every few hours for the first few months.

Answer by Nicky
Right from day one in the hospital my baby slept in his little bassinet, and the day we got home, he slept in his crib right from the beginning. It’s what they get used to. If you want to have him in the crib/bassinet (which, trust me I definatley recommend- I would never be able to sleep with my baby sleeping next to me! Though some people love it- I am not saying it’s wrong, this is just my opinion), then do it from the beginning and stick to it. Sometimes I bring him into bed with me in the morning when he doesn’t really settle to go back to sleep, just so I get some cuddles in, but he does excellent sleeping in the crib (which is in our room by the way). Good luck!

Answer by Loving my Christmas Baby
From personal experience if you want your little one to get use to being in your bed then co sleep but if you want them on their own, swaddle them and put them in their crib starting off. I started my son in his bassinet and he hated it, so we ended up co sleeping. He is now 3 months old this day and we can’t get him out of our bed. We have tried and he just cries and cries until we put him back in our bed to sleep. We are starting to put him in there for naps, but he will not stay asleep for very long. SO I have a feeling this is going to be a long process of getting him out of our bed for good. Good luck and Congrats.

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